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Chapter 10-part 3: 3-D Depth Image Interpretation

William L. Abriel, Joseph P. Stefani, Robert D. Shank, David C. Bartel

AAPG Special Volumes

.... One very important concept that needs to be understood is the sensitivity of seismic imaging to variations in overlying earth velocity, and why depth...


Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data to Help Delineate Petroleum Reservoirs in the Williston Basin

Alvin K. Benson

Williston Basin Symposium

... by rapid lateral velocity changes, velocity pull-up, etc. and (b) the necessity of using a depth migration process versus time migration plus...


Incorporation of Geology, Wells, Rock Physics into Anisotropy Estimation for Seismic Depth Imaging Enables True Earth ModelŽ, #40862 (2012)

Huyen Bui, Peck Hwa David Ng, Jenny Zhou, Chih-Wen Kue, Martiris Smith

Search and

... to incorporate geology, well, and rock physics in anisotropy estimation for seismic depth imaging. As we all know, that the seismic velocity is an important...


Abstract: DREAM™ - Drilling and Real Time Migration: A New Method for the Geophysical Monitoring of Wells

Luca Bertelli, Luca Savini, and Luca Aleotti

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...-drilling information? Starting from a depth reference section obtained with an initial velocity field, the method allows the operator to continuously...


Crustal Velocity and Sediment Thickness Asymmetries along and between the Conjugate Australian-Antarctic Margins

Joanne M. Whittaker, Alexey Goncharov, Simon E. Williams, R. Dietmar Müller

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... and sonobuoy observations. As a result, we obtain velocity-depth functions from sonobuoy/refraction velocity solutions within the areas of the thickest sediments...


Seismic Velocity Variations in San Joaquin Valley, California

Walter S. Olson

AAPG Bulletin

..., and the linear increase of interval velocity with depth. Both equations may be fitted to data by using least squares. These equations give the simplest...


Implementation of the DIPSCAN Method to Estimate Boundary Dips in Complicated Structures by VSP Data

A. A. Tabakov, V.N.Ferentsi, H. Gravini

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... break hodograph and velocity model defined along the well with the specific dip for all layers of the model. Then back propagation seismic problem...


RhoVe T Method Empirical Velocity-Density-Temperature-Effective Stress Transform

Matt Czerniak

GCAGS Transactions

... Figure 1: v-z), to density-“virtual” depth (rho-z) on-the-fly using the a-term active curve and end-members (v-rho) as a series of velocity-density...


Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Seismic and Gravity Data for Long Offset Pre-Stack Depth Migration in Northern Oman, #41569 (2015).

D. Colombo, M. Mantovani, M. De Stefano, D. Garrad, Hussain Al Lawati

Search and

... depth. The portion of the velocity model deeper than 4 km was therefore finalized using seismic data alone. The obtained depth image (Figure 2...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... to depth using an average velocity map or a series of interval velocity maps. This process is adequate in areas of low dip without lateral...


Where Is My Horizontal Well? Use of Borehole Seismic Where Velocities Vary Laterally

Agus Muharam, Frank Musgrove

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the depth of the well bore below the top reservoir (delta D) and the velocity of the overburden (by the method outline in Figure 6, calculations Table 1...


Quantitative seismic interpretations to detect biogenic gas accumulations: a case study from Qaidam Basin, China

Yexin Liu, Zhuoheng Chen, Liqun Wang, Yongshu Zhang, Zhiqiang Liu, Yanhua Shuai

CSPG Bulletin

...-Point methods. We chose the Elastic Impedance equation to generate objective functions to infer compressional velocity, shear velocity and density from...


Extending the Resolution of Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Pacific Section of AAPG

... roll by velocity filtering is used. Realistic values for frequency, depth and dip of reflections will usually give a minimum number of groups around 100...


Geoscience Integration and Interpretive Model Building to Overcome Seismic Imaging Problems in Foothills Environments; #41547 (2015)

Rob Vestrum

Search and

... to depth for comparison. (b) Anisotropic depth migration using simple structural velocity model. (c) Anisotropic depth migration using revised...


Hidden Structure Revealed by a Simple 3D Velocity Model - McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

Richard C. Bain

GCAGS Transactions

...% faster than the overlying or underlying units. The top and base of the high-velocity unit were correlated over a wide area using 3D seismic and well...


Velocity-depth trends in Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments from the Norwegian Shelf: Discussion

Peter Japsen

AAPG Bulletin

..., and second, because the article presents very good evidence for the existence of normal velocity-depth trends for shale (i.e., functions that describe...


Abstracts: Synthetic Microseismic Files; #90173 (2015)

J. Wong, P. M. Manning, L. Han, and J. B. Bancroft

Search and

...) rays through horizontal velocity layers with anisotropy. Microseismograms are then synthesized by convolving the source wavelet with delta functions...


Lateral Changes in Seismic Velocities and Their Effect on Depth Prediction

J. Pinchin, M. Bayly

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... stacking velocities can be used for regional depth predictions, their detailed use in areas of rapid lateral velocity variations can produce erroneous...


ABSTRACT: First Arrival Tomography Using Depth-Varying Velocity Gradients; #90113 (2010)

Hui Liu and Hua-Wei Zhou

Search and

...ABSTRACT: First Arrival Tomography Using Depth-Varying Velocity Gradients; #90113 (2010) Hui Liu and Hua-Wei Zhou First Arrival Tomography Using...


Computer Program to Determine Casing Setting Depth from Seismic Interval Velocity

Faried Rudiono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Computer Program to Determine Casing Setting Depth from Seismic Interval Velocity Faried Rudiono 1990 383 395 1. Mc Lure, Leo J.: "Drill Abnormal...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging Through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... There are several approaches that can be taken to improve our predictions in the depth domain, from simply improving our initial velocity models using...


Three-Dimensional Control

G. E. Anderson

Oklahoma City Geological Society

.... The problem is to find by proper calculations the depth of Point P, the horizontal distance and direction of Point N from the cable layout...


Time Depth Conversion of a Prospect With Near-Surface Velocity Anomalies Using Stacking Velocites and PSDM Velocities: A Comparison

Tan Boon Hua, Lothar Schulte

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Time Depth Conversion of a Prospect With Near-Surface Velocity Anomalies Using Stacking Velocites and PSDM Velocities: A Comparison Tan Boon Hua...


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