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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)


Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Vol. 45 (1975)No. 4. (December), Pages 883-890

Quantitative Fabric Analysis of Drammen Clay Using X-ray Previous HitDiffractionNext Hit Technique

A. Kazi (2)


The Drammen clay is considered to be a typical example of normally consolidated marine sediment. Its fabric has been examined using X-ray Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit technique. The orientation of fabric elements is described in terms of Previous HitdiffractionNext Hit ratio which is analytically related to aggregate orientation of soil particles present. A rather random orientation of soil particles characterizes the Drammen clay. Hence, it has a relatively loose and open structure, which is further identified by its highly compressible nature and a high natural water content approaching the liquid limit.

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