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Pub. Id: A026 (1936)

First Page: 648

Last Page: 663

Book Title: SP 29: Gulf Coast Oil Fields

Article/Chapter: Greta Oil Field, Refugio County, Texas

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Special Volume

Pub. Year: 1936

Author(s): R. A. Stamey, J. C. Montgomery, H. D. Easton Jr. (2)


Greta oil field, in the north-central part of Refugio County, was discovered by George E. Smith et al., May 5, 1933.

The field is in the shape of an irregular elongate oval measuring approximately 4 by 2.5 miles with its major axis extending N. 22.5° E.

The structure is almost flat on top with steep dips in the beds beginning at the periphery and extending in northeasterly, southeasterly, and southwesterly directions. There is the suggestion of a fault along the northwest side of the field.

The three pay horizons are the Catahoula, or 3,500-foot sand, the Heterostegina, or 4,400-foot ("Greta") sand, and the Frio, or 5,900-foot sand.

At the end of 1934 there had been completed 186 oil wells with a total cumulative production of more than 5 million barrels.

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