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Pub. Id: A081 (1987)

First Page: 645

Last Page: 649

Book Title: SG 25: Exploration for Heavy Crude Oil and Natural Bitumen

Article/Chapter: Development of Insulator Components for Previous HitElectricalNext Hit Heating of Oil Sands: Section VI. Recovery

Subject Group: Oil--Methodology and Concepts

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1987

Author(s): K. Okahashi, I. Ishii, S. Hirabayashi, A. Higuchi, Y. Takahashi, Y. Ohata


The new downhole insulator for the preheating electrode apparatus used during oil recovery from a subsurface oil-sand formation by in situ Previous HitelectricalNext Hit heating of oil reservoirs has been developed. This insulator consists of a pipe insulated with polyetheretherketone-glass composites and the two-end Hishilex® insulated coupling. The insulator has good Previous HitelectricalTop, mechanical, and thermal properties and high-level watertight seal of resistance to hot water at 290°C.

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