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Pub. Id: A178 (1981)

First Page: 63

Last Page: 72

Book Title: SG 13: Uranium in Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks

Article/Chapter: Petrochemical Characteristics of Volcanic Rocks Associated with Uranium Deposits In The McDermitt Caldera Complex

Subject Group: Energy Minerals, Etc.

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1981

Author(s): James J. Rytuba, Walter K. Conrad


The McDermitt caldera complex is a Miocene collapse structure consisting of nested and overlapping calderas. The calderas occur along the Nevada-Oregon border about 320 km southwest of Boise, Idaho, and 380 km northeast of Reno, Nevada. Two uranium deposits occur within the complex -- the Aurora and Moonlight deposits. Numerous occurrences of uranium are localized in ash-flow tuffs, moat-fill sediments, and ring domes and intrusives.

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