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Pub. Id: A179 (1986)

First Page: 145

Last Page: 159

Book Title: SG 22: A Basin Analysis Case Study: Morrison Formation, Grants Uranium Region, New Mexico

Article/Chapter: Seismic Studies in the Church Rock Uranium District, Southwest San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Subject Group: Energy Minerals, Etc.

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1986

Author(s): William T. Phelps, Robert S. Zech, A. Curtis Huffman Jr.


A seismic reflection survey, Previous HitusingTop conventional field techniques and a computer-intensive data processing program, has identified basement structures that had an effect on the deposition of the uranium-bearing Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation. The structural style is one of block faulting defined by northwest- and northeast-trending high-angle normal faults with major periods of movement occurring in the Late Permian and Late Jurassic. The seismic survey, combined with detailed subsurface stratigraphic studies, shows that thickness and sand content of the Westwater Canyon Member increase within a downdropped block. Most of the deposits of the Church Rock uranium district are located within rocks of the Westwater Canyon Member in this block.

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