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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 11, No. 8, April 1969. Pages 35-35.

Abstract: Paleozoic Tectonics History of Alaska and the Origin of the Arctic Basin


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Geological reasons coupled with geophysical data lead me to reject the continental subsidence theory for the origin of the deep Canada Basin part of the Arctic Ocean between Alaska, Siberia, and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Instead, the Canada Basin is a true and probably very ancient ocean basin floored by oceanic crust and rimmed by any early Paleozoic geosynclinal belt. In the Upper Devonian, uplifts in this circumarctic geosyncline accompanied by granitic intrusion produced a wedge of course clastic sediments (exogeosyncline) that spread southward into adjoining areas of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia. In both northern Alaska and in the Canadian Arctic Islands thick sequences of upper Paleozoic and younger strata were deposited unconformably on the rocks of the early Paleozoic geosyncline, showing a similarity in tectonic history between the areas.

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