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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 19, No. 6, February 1977. Pages 3-3.

Abstract: Geologic Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit of 3-D Seismic Data


M. R. Bone, B. F. Giles, and E. R. Tegland

Recent developments in both marine and land data collection make possible 3-D reflection seismic work for use in detailing known prospects or for post-discovery field development. Techniques have been developed for both marine and land systems that make it both feasible and economical to collect dense data for use in 3-D migration and other 3-D related processes. Special software processes are utilized to gather the subsurface information into a uniform, dense, depth point grid prior to input on 3-D migration. Previous HitInterpretationTop of the large volume of data is made easier utilizing some new display techniques. "Arbitrary" slices, including diagonal and horizontal, through the 3-D volume of data before and after 3-D migration show the effectiveness and flexibility of the 3-D system. Since the data are migrated 3-D, all line intersections time tie. Actual data examples illustrate the improvements in seismic imagery made possible with 3-D coverage.

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