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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 19, No. 9, May 1977. Pages 2-2.

Abstract: Subsidence and Active Surface Faulting in the Houston Vicinity


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The Houston area is one of very active tectonics as demonstrated by surface uplift, subsidence, and active surface faulting. These tectonics involve man-made structures with values in the billions of dollars and damage that runs into the millions. Tectonic movements in this vicinity have been going on continuously throughout geologic time and no doubt will continue. They can be influenced by the activities of man.

Subsidence is most noticeable near the bay areas where subdivisions have been flooded and once dry land is now under water, and where remedial and protective measures are continually required. Active surface faults have damaged streets, water mains, airport runways, industrial and commercial establishments, many homes, and other structures of all kinds including churches. There are over 150 active surface faults in Houston. One of these can be followed for 9 miles. By proper investigation and planning, resulting damage can be minimized. It is important that all geological scientists be informed and that other groups such as engineers, architects, realtors, and developers be alerted to the importance of the problems.

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