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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 21, No. 3, November 1978. Pages 2-2.

Abstract: Alternate Energy Sources


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Petroleum will become scarce, not because of geological limitation, but because of political and environmental constraints. While the political constraints will probably continue to apply, our valuable domestic petroleum must In the long run be used only for transport and chemicals. That means that other energy needs must be supplied primarily by uranium and coal.

It is our social responsibility to logically advise the American public as to our alternatives. Nuclear power is obviously our ultimate energy source, but the major obstacle to public support of nuclear energy is a doubt about its safety. This is a result of rather devious, environmentalistic propaganda and lies. When it comes to neutrons, isotopes, plutonium and fission products, the public has a fear of the unknown and it is easy to place absurd associations between nuclear bombs and nuclear power in their minds.

Nuclear energy is the safest-not just in some aspects but in all and every aspect including terrorism, sabotage and certainly including power plant operation, accidents and waste disposal.

Per unit consumed of energy, the hazards to human lives are more than 100 times greater for electricity generated from coal than from nuclear energy. The risks of accidents are incomparably greater for fossil fuels than for nuclear power.

Environmentalists acting through the courts have done a great deal to slow down both our nuclear and our coal exploitation. Due process has tended to serve those who benefit most from delay and not the consumer who will benefit from fast action.

These people and the public must be made to know that the earth is not static, but the geological processes continually alter its interior and its exterior. They must be aware that the world society could not function without minerals-minerals that must be judiciously searched for and found by geologists.

In the United States today, we are facing our problems with pessimism. The static mentality resulting from corporate and federal bureaucratization and over regulation perceives that our resources are running out-that our technology is perverse-that we are living with entropy and decay.

The only unlimited resources we possess in this country is the one that can release us from all others. It is the imagination and creativity of free men.

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