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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 23, No. 6, February 1981. Pages 2-2.

Abstract: Statfjord Previous HitFieldNext Hit (Norwegian Previous HitNorthNext Hit Previous HitSeaNext Hit)- from Conception to Production


E. J. Medley

Statfjord Previous HitFieldNext Hit, located on the international boundary between Norway and the United Kingdom, has more than 3 billion bbl of recoverable oil and 3 trillion cu ft of associated natural gas. It is the largest Previous HitfieldNext Hit discovered to date in the Previous HitNorthNext Hit Previous HitSeaNext Hit. Mobil is the operator for a consortium of companies including two State and nine private oil companies.

The water depth is near 500 ft and so-called "100-year storms" with sustained winds of 105 knots and 100-ft seas seem to occur at least once a year, creating very difficult operating conditions.

The Previous HitfieldTop is being developed with three large, gravity-base, concrete platforms capable of combined production of 600,000 to 700,000 bbl of oil per day plus 700 million cu ft of natural gas. The platforms will also provide for water injection plus gas injection initially until a sales outlet for the gas is developed.

The Statfjord "A" platform, with daily production of 300,000 bbl per day, is the largest offshore producing facility in the world.

Oil transportation is accomplished through large, articulating loading platforms located near the production platform.

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