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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 27, No. 7, March 1985. Pages 2-2.

Abstract: Basement Structure of the Gulf Coast: Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies Supported with Structural, Previous HitMagneticNext Hit, and Seismic Data


Gary L. Kinsland

The filtered gravity map of the forty-eight contiguous states by Hildenbrand et al(1982) illustrates the relationships of anomalies in the Gulf Coast more clearly than previous (unfiltered) presentations. Gravity anomalies are recognized which lead to the following hypotheses: l ) a Late Precambrian - Early Paleozoic rift passive margin underlies the Ouachita fold belt from the Marathons through the end of the exposed Ouachitas in Arkansas; 2) a Late Precambrian - Early Paleozoic transform passive margin underlies the buried Ouachita -Appalachian connection in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama; 3) a continuation of the rift passive margin underlies the Appalachians; 4) an early Mesozoic rift passive margin underlies southern Mississippi, south Louisiana and coastal Texas; 6) this Mesozoic margin has at least two transform offsets in southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi; 6) the Sabine Uplift, the Monroe - Sharkey Uplift and other features along the Atlantic Coastal Plain are buried portions of a late Paleozoic island are complex; 7) the Florida platform is accreted African - South American continental material. These hypotheses are supported by structural, Previous HitmagneticTop and seismic data over some of the features.

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