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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 47, No. 8, April 2005. Pages 39-39.

Abstract: Is There Anything Useful to be Learned by Correlating Several Thousand Well Logs from the Middle and Upper Wilcox of South Texas?


Marc B. Edwards
Consulting Geologists, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Now that thousands of feet of Wilcox sand have been encountered in a handful of wells in the Perdido and Mississippi Fan foldbelts in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the onshore Wilcox has new relevance.

After correlating several thousand wells from the Middle and Upper Wilcox of South Texas and creating numerous maps and cross sections, has any additional light been shed on the stratigraphy, facies and shelf margin architecture of the updip Wilcox? Familiar Wilcox deltas along the basin margin and the submarine fan deposits encountered on the deepwater basin floor are enormous areas of deep potential, both onshore and offshore.

Attempting to delineate the sediment fairways across the slope and predicting the nature of sands within those fairways addresses two geological risk factors that concern this evolving play.

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