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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 53, No. 02, October 19, 2010. Page18-18.

Abstract: The DC-4500 Seismoelectric Groundwater Locator

Chi Dong
Seismo Electronics LLC

Anew concept for locating groundwater with exceptional accuracy, low cost, and simple operating procedure: the seismoelectric survey is the only geophysical survey method that can measure groundwater conductivity directly. This method is different from seismic or electric surveys, which register only seismic velocity or resistivity data for the aquifer. The seismoelectric theory, assumes that a seismoelectric signal is produced by seismic waves traveling through a water-saturated formation. The signal travels with seismic wave velocity and frequency and is related to permeability of the aquifer.

The seismoelectric signal is an indicator of groundwater. Where there is a seismoelectric signal, there must be groundwater. If there is no seismoelectric signal, there will be no groundwater.

The DC-4500 Seismoelectronic Groundwater Locator is designed to receive both seismic and seismoelectric signals from the same seismic source in a signal instrument. It can provide the depth and thickness of an aquifer and estimate groundwater conductivity directly. It also records the 2-D seismic refraction or reflection data in order to obtain geological information around aquifers.

DC-4500 water locator can also be used in civil engineering for determining the depth, thickness, and conductivity of underground aquifer.

The DC-4500 is patented in US and China.
• US Patent (US 6,476,608 http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6476608.html)
• International Patent ( CN 1392420A)

Seismoelectric and Seismic signals of Bar Ranch Anglton.

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