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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 56, No. 02, October 2013. Pages 23 - 23.

ABSTRACT: An Up-Close View of Oil and Gas Drilling and Completion

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Energy Training Resources, LLC

There are about 1,800 drilling rigs operating in the United State right now and almost half of these are working in Texas. Some of the areas of highest activity in Texas include the Permian Basin in West Texas, the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, and the Barnett Shale around Fort Worth. A large portion of the rigs are drilling horizontal shale wells that are completed with hydraulic fracturing.

Previous HitPaulTop Parsons will present a discussion of the boom in shale drilling and the reasons for the recent shift away from gas-prone shale to the current focus on liquids-prone shale. Then, he will show segments of a video about how a horizontal well is drilled and completed. These segments are excerpts from a two-hour video produced by his company called "Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production." Mr. Parsons scripted and directed the video. This video is being used by more than 400 different companies, investors, and educational institutions. The video sells for $500 per copy, so this is a good opportunity to be able to see key portions during this HGS meeting


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