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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


The Houston Geological Society Bulletin
Vol. 60 (2018), No. 8. (April), Page 27

Abstract: Lower Paleozoic Reservoirs in the Delaware Basin: Gas and Liquids Distribution

Alex Fick, James Keay, Jason Kegel, Hossein Nemati

We discuss early results of a project in the Delaware basin aimed at providing a more comprehensive and accurate view of the distribution of gas and liquids. A detailed basin-wide stratigraphic framework has been built and well perforations are correlated to specific zones and intervals enabling accurate assignment of public production data and EUR analysis specific to the producing zones.

The lower Paleozoic section in the Delaware Basin is well known for prolific dry gas production and this study intends to identify potential areas of gas liquids.

hgs600027-fg1.jpg (3,999 bytes)Figure 1. Permian Basin Structure Map on the Devonian Carbonate with major tectonic elements (Contour interval 1,000 ft)

hgs600027-fg2.jpg (2,315 bytes)Figure 2. Structural Section through the Gomez Field illustrating significant basement uplift setting up the field and highlighting perforated intervals.

Biographical Sketch

Alex Fick received his BSc in 2013 and MSc in Geology from the University of Houston in 2016. His 5 years of industry experience has focused on exploration and evaluation in the US Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, Midcontinent, and onshore and offshore Mexico. His graduate work focused on interpreting newly imaged structural and stratigraphic elements in the Mexican Ridges deep-water fold and thrust belt. Currently Alex is a geoscientist for TGS working on the interpretation and assessment of newly released seismic and geologic data sets from onshore Mexico as well as regional evaluations in the Permian and Anadarko Basins in support of new seismic acquisition and project development.

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