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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


The Houston Geological Society Bulletin
Vol. 63 (2020), No. 1. (September), Page 13

Abstract: Utilizing Applied Geophysics for Rapid Assessment of Subsurface Characteristics and Identification of Areas of Geologic Concern for Engineering Projects

Rusty Branch1

Applied geophysics includes a suite of subsurface exploration Previous HitmethodsNext Hit that complement conventional geotechnical and geological approaches. These Previous HitmethodsNext Hit allow geoscientists and engineers to rapidly assess subsurface conditions and identify areas of geologic concern that can impact project success while simultaneously compressing the timeline for both design and construction.

Integration of geophysical exploration into the pre-design process is becoming common as many geoscientists and engineers have realized its value for site characterization. These Previous HitmethodsNext Hit are especially well-suited to linear projects such as water and wastewater conveyance, transportation and in some cases, Previous HitelectricalNext Hit transmission. However, the Previous HitmethodsNext Hit are also useful for rapid subsurface characterization of earthen dams and development sites in karst-prone areas. Frequently used Previous HitmethodsNext Hit include seismic, geo-Previous HitelectricalTop, microgravity, radar, magnetics, and electromagnetics. This presentation provides an introduction to applied geophysics through the review of case studies where geophysics complimented engineering projects.

Biographical Sketch

Rusty Branch is a multidisciplinary scientist and has been a member of the Gehrig, Inc. team since March of 2016. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of applied geophysics, including UAV-based geophysics. He has served on boards and committees for several professional organizations on the local, state, and national levels. He is a past chair of the AEG Texas Chapter and the Texas Section of the ASCE Geo-Institute. Rusty has authored/co-authored peer-reviewed publications in the fields of geology, vertebrate paleontology, and botany. His 20+ years of professional experience covers geoscience, bioscience, vertebrate paleontology, information systems, and geographic information systems.


BS Earth Science/Geology from Tarleton State University

MS Biology with post-master’s work in terrestrial ecology from Baylor University

MBA from U.T. Arlington

Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Rusty Branch: Gehrig, Inc.

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