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Alaska Geological Society


Journal of the Alaska Geological Society, Fourth Volume, 1984
Pages 35-41

Dinosaur and Wood Fossils from the Cretaceous Corwin Formation in the National Petroleum Reserve, North Slope of Alaska

Henry W. Roehler, Gary D. Stricker


Fossil dinosaur skin impressions and tracks and fossil wood were collected in 1978 from the Cretaceous Corwin Formation during field investigations of coal deposits in the National Petroleum Reserve on the North Slope of Alaska. The fossils were discovered in sandstones in cutbanks of the Kokolik River and its tributaries, 315 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. They occur in an ancient, river-dominated, bird-foot delta system that extends from near the north edge of the Brooks Range northward across the Arctic Coastal Plain and for distances under the Chukchi Sea. The fossils provide limited evidence for a warm, temperate to subtropical climate and a swampy, forested landscape for northern Alaska between 100 million and 70 million years ago.

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