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Archie Series
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  1. Plate Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Accumulation
  2. Deltaic and Shallow Marine Sandstones: Sedimentation, Tectonics and Petroleum Occurrences
  3. Exploration for Sandstone Stratigraphic Traps
  4. Pore Pressure: Fundamentals, General Ramifications, and Implications for Structural Geology Revised)
  5. Geology of Continental Margins
  6. Deep Water Oil Sand Reservoirs - Ancient Case Histories and Modern Concepts
  7. Deposition, Diagenesis, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Deeper-Water "Limestones"
  8. Physical and Chemical Constraints on Petroleum Migration
  9. Concepts and Methods of Subsurface Facies Analysis
  10. Organic Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration
  11. Geology of Carbonate Porosity
  12. Secondary Reservoir Porosity in the Course of Sandstone Diagenesis
  13. Stratigraphic Modeling and Interpretation: Geophysical Principles and Techniques
  14. Well Log Formation Evaluation
  15. Deltaic Sand Bodies
  16. Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation and Petroleum Exploration
  17. Geothermics: Using Temperature in Hydrocarbon Exploration
  18. Offshore Geologic Hazards
  19. Geology of Passive Continental Margins: History, Structure and Sedimentologic Record (with Special Emphasis on the Atlantic Margin)
  20. Analysis of Fluvial Depositional Systems
  21. Carbonate Diagenesis as a Control on Stratigraphic Traps (with Examples from the Williston Basin)
  22. New Prospects in a Business Environment (Not Available)
  23. Structural Interpretation of Seismic Data
  24. Dolomitization
  25. Structural and Depositional Styles of Gulf Coast Tertiary Continental Margins: Application to Hydrocarbon Exploration
  26. Basement Involved Tectonics, Foreland Areas
  27. Depositional Models of Shelf and Shoreline Sandstones
  28. Geological Applications of Reservoir Engineering Tools
  29. Geophysical Determination of Lithology Using Shear Waves and Amplitudes with Offsets—A Progress Update
  30. Continental Wrench-Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Habitat
  31. Log Evaluation of Shaly Sandstones: A Practical Guide
  32. Quantitative Sedimentary Basin Modeling
  33. Geological Aspects of Horizontal Drilling
  34. Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Reefs and Carbonate Platforms: A Short Course
  35. Creating, Managing, and Evaluating Multidisciplinary Teams
  36. Dolomite Reservoirs: Geochemical Techniques for Evaluating Origin and Distribution
  37. MultiDisciplinary Teams: How and Why They Make You Money
  38. Geostatistics in Petroleum Geology
  39. An Introduction to the Analysis of Ancient Turbidite Basins from an Outcrop Perspective
  40. Deep-Water Sandstones, Brushy Canyon Formation
  41. Course Manual and Atlas of Structural Styles on Reflection Profiles from the Niger Delta

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