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CN5: Geology of Continental Margins

Title Page
Joseph R. Curray, William R. Dickinson, Wallace G. Dow, Kenneth O. Emery, Donald R. Seely, Peter R. Vail, Hunter Yarborough


Continental Margin Types Related to Plate Tectonics and Evolution of Margins
Hunter Yarborough

Structure and Stratigraphy of Divergent Continental Margins
K. O. Emery

Structure and Stratigraphy of Forearc Regions
D. R. Seely, W. R. Dickinson

Petroleum Source Beds on Continental Slopes and Rises
Wallace G. Dow

Modes of Emplacement of Prospective Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rocks of Outer Continental Marine Environments
Joseph R. Curray

Seismic Recognition of Depositional Facies on Slopes and Rises
P. R. Vail

The Evolution of Continental Margin Basins
A. R. Green

Exploration Techniques of Continental Slopes and Rises
Peter Lehner

Structure of the Baltimore Canyon Trough, United States Atlantic Continental Margin
John C. Behrendt

Origin and Significance of Evaporites in Basins Around the Atlantic Margin
Robert Evans

Petroleum Potential of Blake Plateau-Bahama Region of the Atlantic Margin of North America
Robert E. Sheridan

Petroleum Potential Off Gabon
J. R. Delteil, et al.

Development of Continental Slope Basins Along the Convergence Zone Off South America
Stephen H. Johnson, L. D. Kulm

A Structural Interpretation of the Eastern Aleutian Trench and Adjacent Continental Margin Off Kodiak Island, Alaska
Roland von Huene

Continental Margin - U. S. Gulf Coast
J. Lamar Worzel

Microcontinental Margins
L. Montadert, R. Dame, J. R. Delteil, G. Jacquart, R. Schlich, PH. Patriat

Ancient and Modern Continental Margins, a Perspective for Future Research
A. W. Bally

Petroleum Prospects of Continental Slopes and Rises
Hollis D. Hedberg, J. D. Moody