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CN8: Physical and Chemical Constraints on Petroleum Migration

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Some Mass Balance and Geological Restraints on Migration Mechanisms
R. W. Jones

Oil Migration Limitations Suggested by Geological and Geochemical Considerations
James A. Momper

Chemical and Physical Constraints on Petroleum Migration with Emphasis on Hydrocarbon Solubilities in Water
Clayton D. McAuliffe

Primary Migration - The Importance of Water-Mineral-Organic Matter Interactions in the Source Rock
Colin Barker

The Nature of Shales and the Dynamics of Hydrocarbon Expulsion in the Gulf Coast Tertiary Section
Henry H. Hinch

Henry H. Hinch

Migration of Hydrocarbons in Compacting Basins
L. C. Bonham

Migration Pathways in Compacting Clastic Sediments
Robert J. Cordell

Methane Generation and Petroleum Migration
Hollis D. Hedberg

Some Economic Aspects of Water-Rock Interaction
Brian Hitchon

Origin Of Petroleum--In-Transit Conversion of Organic Compounds in Water
G. W. Hodgson

Near-Surface Evidence of Hydrocarbon Movement from Depth
Leo Horvitz

Interacting Dynamics of Pressure, Temperature, and Water Salinity
Paul H. Jones

Primary Migration Agents
Kingi Magara

Environment Created by Vertically Moving Fluids
Harold L. Overton

Physical and Chemical Signals Around Oil and Gas Traps
Sylvain J. Pirson

New Evidence for Hot, Deep Origin and Migration of Petroleum
Leigh Price

Design and Function of Oil and Gas Traps as Clues to Migration
W. H. Roberts III

Gravity-Induced Cross-Formational Water Flow--Possible Mechanism for Transport and Accumulation of Petroleum
Jozsef Toth

Shale Dehydration, Salinity, Cracking, and Migration
Charles E. Weaver