Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

HED1: Deformation, fluid flow, and reservoir appraisal in foreland fold and thrust belts

Rudy Swennen, Franois Roure, James W. Granath

Advances in Hydrocarbon Fluid-inclusion Microanalysis and Pressure-volume-temperature Modeling: Diagenetic History, Pressure-temperature, and Fluid-flow ReconstructionA Case Study in the North Potwar Basin, Pakistan
Nicole Guilhaumou, Lakhdar Benchilla, Pascal Mougin, Paul Dumas

Foreland Belt Thermal History Using Apatite Fission-track Thermochronology: Implications for Lewis Thrust and Flathead Fault in the Southern Canadian Cordilleran Petroleum Province
Kirk G. Osadetz, Barry P. Kohn, Shimon Feinstein, Raymond A. Price

Predicting Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion in the Southern Apennines Thrust Belt by 2-D Integrated Structural and Geochemical Modeling: Part I - Structural and Thermal Evolution
Simone Sciamanna, William Sassi, Roberto Gambini, Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz, Fausto Mosca, Carlo Nicolai

Predicting Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion in the Southern Apennines Thrust Belt by
2-D Integrated Structural and Geochemical Modeling: Part II - Geochemical Modeling

Fausto Mosca, Simone Sciamanna, William Sassi, Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz, Roberto Gambini

Thermal and Kinematic Evolution of the Eastern Cordillera Fold and Thrust Belt, Colombia
Jaime Toro, Franccedilois Roure, Nathalie Bordas-Le Floch, Sophie Le Cornec-Lance, William Sassi

Two-dimensional Kinematic Modeling of the Southern Kirthar Fold Belt, Pakistan
J. N. Fowler, R. Graham, W. Sassi, J. D. Smewing, J. Warburton

Vein Formation in Cretaceous Carbonates in the Laramide Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt of Eastern Mexico
H. Ferket, R. Swennen, S. Ortuntildeo-Arzate, M. C. Cacas, F. Roure

Two Stages of Deformation and Fluid Migration in the West-Central Brooks Range Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska
Thomas E. Moore, Christopher J. Potter, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Kevin L. Shelton, Michael B. Underwood

Tertiary Thrust Systems and Fluid Flow beneath the Beaufort Coastal Plain (1002 Area), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, U.S.A.
Christopher J. Potter, John A. Grow, William J. Perry, Thomas E. Moore, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Jeffrey D. Phillips, Richard W. Saltus

Fluid Flow during Paleogene Compression in the Linking Zone Fold and Thrust Belt (Northeast Spain)
Anna Traveacute, Francesc Calvet, Ramon Salas, Elisabeth Playagrave, Eduard Roca

Incidence of Tectonic Stress on Overpressure Development in Ukrainian Basins
Alexander Orlov, Valery Omelchenko, Alexander Trubenko, Frederic Schneider

Folding-related Fracture Pattern and Physical Properties of Rocks in the Chaudrons Ramp-related Anticline (Corbiegraveres, France)
Stefano Tavani, Laurent Louis, Christine Souque, Philippe Robion, Francesco Salvini, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

Dolomitization Processes and Their Relationships with the Evolution of an Orogenic Belt (Central Apennines and Peri-Adriatic Foreland, Italy)
M. V. Murgia, P. Ronchi, A. Ceriani

The Effect of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow on Early Diagenetic Dolomitization: An Example from the Devonian Slave Point Formation, Northwest Alberta, Canada
Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Julie D. Clarke

Late Cretaceous Chemical Remagnetization of the Paleozoic Carbonates from the Undeformed Foreland of the Western Canadian Cordillera
Philippe Robion, Jean Luc Faure, Rudy Swennen

The Facies Development and Reservoir Properties in Late Jurassic Carbonate Sediments in the Central Carpathian Foreland
P. Gliniak, R. Laskowicz, A. Urbaniec, G. Lesniak, P. Such

Basin Modeling in a Complex Area: Example from the Eastern Venezuelan Foothills
Frederic Schneider, Maurice Pagel, Elizabeth Hernandez

Northern Tunisia Thrust Belt: Deformation Models and Hydrocarbon Systems
Hassen El Euchi, Moncef Saidi, Lotfi Fourati, and Chokri El Maherssi

Tectonic Setting of the Petroleum Systems of Sicily
James W. Granath, Piero Casero

Structural Style and Hydrocarbon Potential in the Acadian Foreland Thrust and Fold Belt, Gaspeacute Appalachians, Canada
D. Kirkwood, M. Lavoie, J. S. Marcil