Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

HED2: Evaluating Fault and Cap Rock Seals

Rudy Swennen, Franois Roure, James W. Granath

Fluid Flow, Pore Pressure, Wettability, and Leakage in Mudstone Cap Rocks
Andrew C. Aplin, Steve R. Larter

Seal Failure Related to Basin-scale Processes
Christian Hermanrud, Hege M. Nordgård Bolås, Gunn M. G. Teige

Potential New Method for Paleostress Estimation by Combining Three-dimensional Fault Restoration and Fault Slip Inversion Techniques: First Test on the Skua Field, Timor Sea
A. P. Gartrell, M. Lisk

Fault Healing and Fault Sealing in Impure Sandstones
David N. Dewhurst, Peter J. Boult, Richard M. Jones, Stuart A. Barclay

A Regional Analysis of Fault Reactivation and Seal Integrity Based on Geomechanical Modeling: An Example from the Bight Basin, Australia
S. D. Reynolds, E. Paraschivoiu, R. R. Hillis, G. W. O'Brien

FAST: A New Technique for Geomechanical Assessment of the Risk of Reactivation-related Breach of Fault Seals
Scott D. Mildren, Richard R. Hillis, Paul J. Lyon, Jeremy J. Meyer, David N. Dewhurst, Peter J. Boult

Seals: The Role of Geomechanics
Gary D. Couples

The Influence of Stress Regimes on Hydrocarbon Leakage
Hege M. Nordgård Bolås, Christian Hermanrud, Gunn M. G. Teige

Investigating the Effect of Varying Fault Geometry and Transmissibility on Recovery: Using a New Workflow for Structural Uncertainty Modeling in a Clastic Reservoir
Signe Ottesen, Chris Townsend, Kjersti Marie Øverland

Quantifying the Impact of Fault Modeling Parameters on Production Forecasting for Clastic Reservoirs
Guillaume Lescoffit, Chris Townsend

Using Buoyancy Pressure Profiles to Assess Uncertainty in Fault Seal Calibration
Peter Bretan, Graham Yielding

Evaluation of Late Cap Rock Failure and Hydrocarbon Trapping Using a Linked Pressure and Stress Simulator
A. E. Lothe, H. Borge, Ø. Sylta

Sealing by Shale Gouge and Subsequent Seal Breach by Reactivation: A Case Study of the Zema Prospect, Otway Basin
Paul J. Lyon, Peter J. Boult, Richard R. Hillis, Scott D. Mildren

Distinct-element Stress Modeling in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin, South Australia
Suzanne P. Hunt, Peter J. Boult

Sedimentology and Petrophysical Character of Cretaceous Marine Shale Sequences in Foreland BasinsmdashPotential Seismic Response Issues
W. R. Almon, Wm. C. Dawson, F. G. Ethridge, E. Rietsch, S. J. Sutton, B. Castelblanco-Torres

Using Gas Chimneys in Seal Integrity Analysis: A Discussion Based on Case Histories
Roar Heggland

Formation Fluids in Faulted Aquifers: Examples from the Foothills of Western Canada and the North West Shelf of Australia
J. R. Underschultz, C. J. Otto, R. Bartlett

Economic Evaluation of Prospects with a Top Seal Risk
David C. Lowry