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Hedberg 3 - Understanding, Exploring, and Developing Tight-gas Sands

Edited by S.P. Cumella, K.W. Shanley, and W.K. Camp

Stephen P. Cumella, Keith W. Shanley, Wayne K. Camp

Chapter 1: Growing and Indispensable: The Contribution of Production from Tight-gas Sands to U.S. Gas Production
Richard Nehring

Chapter 2: Pervasive Tight-gas Sandstone Reservoirs: An Overview
Lawrence D. Meckel, M. Ray Thomasson

Chapter 3: Experimental and Empirical Observations Supporting a Capillary Model Involving Gas Generation, Migration, and Seal Leakage for the Origin and Occurrence of Regional Gasifers
Stephen W. Burnie Sr., Brij Maini, Bruce R. Palmer, Kaush Rakhit

Chapter 4: Basin-centered Gas or Subtle Conventional Traps?
Wayne K. Camp

Chapter 5: Issues with Gas Relative Permeability in Low-permeability Sandstones
Alan P. Byrnes

Chapter 6: Understanding Hydraulic Fractures in Tight-gas Sands through the Integration of Borehole Microseismic Data, Three-dimensional Surface Seismic Data, and Three-dimensional Vertical Seismic Profile Data: A Jonah Field Case Study
Nancy House, Julie Shemeta

Chapter 7: Assessing the Mesaverde Basin-centered Gas Play, Piceance Basin, Colorado
K. C. Hood, D. A. Yurewicz

Chapter 8: Controls on Gas and Water Distribution, Mesaverde Basin-centered Gas Play, Piceance Basin, Colorado
D. A. Yurewicz, K. M. Bohacs, J. Kendall, R. E. Klimentidis, K. Kronmueller, M. E. Meurer, T. C. Ryan, J. D. Yeakel

Chapter 9: The Influence of Stratigraphy and Rock Mechanics on Mesaverde Gas Distribution, Piceance Basin, Colorado
Stephen P. Cumella, Jay Scheevel

Chapter 10: Analysis of the Multiwell Experiment Data and Results: Implications for the Basin-centered Gas Model
Norman R. Warpinski, John C. Lorenz

Chapter 11: Characterizations and Estimates of Ultimate Recoverability for Regional Gas Accumulations in the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins
Ray Boswell, Kelly Rose

Chapter 12: Attributes of a Large Underpressured Gas System, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Philip H. Nelson, Steven M. Condon

Chapter 13: Tight-gas Sandstone Reservoirs: 25 Years of Searching for "The Answer"
Paul J. Lyon, Peter J. Boult, Richard R. Hillis, Scott D. Mildren