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M100: Tectonics and Sedimentation: Implications for Petroleum Systems

Edited by Dengliang Gao

Frontmatter (PDF)

Chapter 1: Dynamic Interplay among Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Petroleum Systems: An Introduction and Overview
Dengliang Gao

Chapter 2: Tectonics and Sedimentation in Extensional Rifts: Implications for Petroleum Systems
Ian Davison and John R. Underhill

Chapter 3: Comparison of Structural Styles and Giant Hydrocarbon Occurrences within Four Active Strike-slip Regions: California, Southern Caribbean, Sumatra, and East China
Paul Mann

Chapter 4: Large-scale Tectonic Controls on the Origin of Paleozoic Dark-shale Source-rock Basins: Examples from the Appalachian Foreland Basin, Eastern United States
Frank R. Ettensohn and R. Thomas Lierman

Chapter 5: Tectonic Evolution of the Outer High of Santos Basin, Southern São Paulo Plateau, Brazil, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Paulo Otávio Gomes, Bill Kilsdonk, Tim Grow, Jon Minken, and Roberto Barragan

Chapter 6: Structural Framework of Lower Cretaceous Half Grabens in the Presalt Section of the Southeastern Continental Margin of Brazil
Oscar López-Gamundí and Roberto Barragan

Chapter 7: Linked Extensional-compressional Tectonics in Gravitational Systems in the Equatorial Margin of Brazil
Maria José R. Oliveira, Pedro V. Zalán, João L. Caldeira, Arnaldo Tanaka, Paulo Santarem, Ivo Trosdtorf Jr., and Anderson Moraes

Chapter 8: Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Mesozoic and Early–Middle Cenozoic Rift Basins of Central and Northern Kenya, Eastern Africa
Jean-Jacques Tiercelin, Peter Thuo, Jean-Luc Potdevin, and Thierry Nalpas

Chapter 9: Tectonic Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Intracontinental Albertine Graben of the East African Rift System
Dozith Abeinomugisha and Robert Kasande

Chapter 10: Cross-regional Intraslope Lineaments on the Lower Congo Basin Slope, Offshore Angola (West Africa): Implications for Tectonics and Petroleum Systems at Passive Continental Margins
Dengliang Gao and Jeff Milliken

Chapter 11: Structural Correlation between the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria) and the Transdanubian Central Range (Hungary)
Hans-Gert Linzer and Gabor C. Tari

Chapter 12: The South Chukchi Sedimentary Basin (Chukchi Sea, Russian Arctic): Age, Structural Pattern, and Hydrocarbon Potential
Vladimir E. Verzhbitsky, Sergey D. Sokolov, Erling M. Frantzen, Alice Little, Marianna I. Tuchkova, and Leopold I. Lobkovsky

Chapter 13: Interaction of Oligocene–Miocene Deep-water Depositional Systems with Actively Evolving Structures: The Lower Congo Basin, Offshore Angola
Arlene V. Anderson, Donald K. Sickafoose, Tim R. Fahrer, and Richard R. Gottschalk

Chapter 14: A Case Study of Three-dimensional Fold and Growth Sequence Development and the Link to Submarine Channel-structure Interactions in Deep-water Fold Belts
Ian R. Clark and Joseph A. Cartwright

Chapter 15: Deep-Water Exploration in Atlantic Morocco: Where Are the Reservoirs?
Gabor Tari, Haddou Jabour, Jim Molnar, David Valasek, and Mahmoud Zizi

Chapter 16: Lithospheric Flexure and Related Base-level Stratigraphic Cycles in Continental Foreland Basins: An Example from the Putumayo Basin, Northern Andes
John Londono, Juan M. Lorenzo, and Victor Ramirez

Chapter 17: Forebulge Migration: A Three-dimensional Flexural Numerical Modeling and Subsurface Study of Southwestern Wyoming
Hongjun Luo and Dag Nummedal

Chapter 18: The Evolution of the South China Sea Basin in the Mesozoic–Cenozoic and Its Significance for Oil and Gas Exploration: A Review and Overview
Fengli Yang, Dengliang Gao, Zhuan Sun, Zuyi Zhou, Zhe Wu, and Qianyu Li