Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M103: Critical Assessment of Shale Resource Plays

Edited by Jean-Yves Chatellier and Daniel M. Jarvie


Chapter 1: Shale Gas Evaluation of the Early Jurassic Posidonia Shale Formation and the Carboniferous Epen Formation in the Netherlands
Frank van Bergen, Mart Zijp, Susanne Nelskamp and Henk Kombrink

Chapter 2: Compositional Modeling of Gas Generation from Two Shale Gas Resource Systems: Barnett Shale (United States) and Posidonia Shale (Germany)
Françoise Behar and Daniel M. Jarme

Chapter 3: Overpressure in Shale Gas: When Geochemistry and Reservoir Engineering Data Meet and Agree
Jean-Yves Chatellier, Pawel Flek, Marianne Molgat, Irene Anderson, Kevin Ferworn, Nabila Lazreg Larsen and Steve Ko

Chapter 4: Method for Characterizing Source Rock Organofacies Using Bulk Rock Composition
Jonathan C. Evenick and Tony McClain

Chapter 5: Gas Storage in the Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian Woodford Shale, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: How Much of a Role Do Chert Beds Play?
Neil S. Fishman, Geoffrey S. Ellis, Adam R. Boehlke, Stanley T. Paxton and Sven O. Egenhoff

Chapter 6: What Further Research Could Teach Us about “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”: Intraplate Earthquakes Associated with Fluid Injection
Cliff Frohlich and Eric Potter

Chapter 7: Experimentally Evaluating Shale Dilation Behavior
M. A. Islam, P. Skalle, and K. Konstantinos

Chapter 8: Cementation in Mudrocks: Brief Review with Examples from Cratonic Basin Mudrocks
Kitty L. Milliken and Ruarri J. Day-Stirrat

Chapter 9: Basinwide Delineation of Gas-shale “Sweet Spots” Using Density and Neutron Logs: Implications for Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Gas-shale Resources
Mark Ver Hoeve, Corey Meyer, Joe Preusser and Astrid Makowitz

Chapter 10: Petrophysical and Mechanical Properties of Organic-rich Shales and Their Influences on Fluid Flow
Fred P. Wang, Ursula Hammes, Robert Reed, Tongwei Zhang, Xiaohu Tang and Qinghui Li