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M106: Petroleum Systems of the Tethyan Region

Edited by Lisa Marlow, Chriostopher C.G. Kendall and Lyndon A. Yose

Frontmatter and Introduction

Chapter 1: The Evolution of the Tethys Region throughout the Phanerozoic: A Brief Tectonic Reconstruction
Fabrizio Berra and Lucia Angiolini

Chapter 2: Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems of the Southern Tethyan Region
JC. G. Kendall, A. S. Alsharhan, and L. Marlow

Chapter 3: Petroleum Systems and Their Endowments in the Middle East and North Africa Portion of the Tethys
Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Chapter 4: Hydrocarbon Provinces of Libya: A Petroleum System Study
Hassan S. Hassan and Christopher C. G. Kendall

Chapter 5: Egypt’s Future Petroleum Resources: A Revised Look into the 21st Century
John C. Dolson, Mahmoud Atta, David Blanchard, Adel Sehim, Jennifer Villinski, Tom Loutit, and Karen Romine

Chapter 6: The Petroleum Systems of Israel
Michael A. Gardosh and Eli Tannenbaum

Chapter 7: Petroleum Geology of Jordan
Sebastian Lüning and Jochen Kuss

Chapter 8: Insights into the Petroleum Prospectivity of Lebanon
F. H. Nader

Chapter 9: Tectonostratigraphic History and Petroleum Potential of the Levantine Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
Lisa Marlow

Chapter 10: Petroleum Systems Offshore Cyprus
Lucien Montadert, Stelios Nicolaides, Per Helge Semb, and Øystein Lie

Chapter 11: Petroleum Systems of Syria
Eric Barrier, Louai Machhour, and Marc Blaizot

Chapter 12: Iraq
George J. Grabowski, Jr.

Chapter 13: Petroleum Systems of Turkish Basins
Ahmet Sami (A.S.) Derman

Chapter 14: Petroleum Systems and Distribution of the Oil and Gas Fields in the Iranian Part of the Tethyan Region
M. L. Bordenave

Chapter 15: Mesozoic Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Habitats of Kuwait
A. S. Alsharhan, C. J. Strohmenger, F. H. Abdullah, and G. Al Sahlan

Chapter 16: Tethyan Petroleum Systems of Saudi Arabia
D. L. Cantrell, P. G. Nicholson, G. W. Hughes, M. A. Miller, A. G. Bhullar, S. T. Abdelbagi, and A. K. Norton

Chapter 17: Depositional History and Petroleum Habitat of Qatar
F. S. P. van Buchem, N. Svendsen, E. Hoch, R. Pedersen-Tatalovic, and K. Habib

Chapter 18: Mesozoic Petroleum Systems of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan, Christian J. Strohmenger, and Abdulla Al-Mansoori

Chapter 19: Petroleum Geology of the Sultanate of Oman
Henk Droste

Chapter 20: Petroleum Systems and Basins of Yemen
Mustafa As-Saruri and Rasoul Sorkhabi