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M107: Pinedale Field: Case Study of a Giant Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir

Edited by Mark W. Longman, Stephen R. Kneller, Thomas S. Meyer, Mark A. Chapin


Chapter 1: The Significance of the Pinedale Field
Thomas Meyer and Mark Longman

Chapter 2: History of Exploration and Commercialization of the Giant Pinedale: Tight Gas Sand Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
Stephen R. Kneller, J. Paul Matheny, Richard G. Albertus, and Elliott A. Riggs

Chapter 3: The Pinedale Gas Field: A Sweet Spot in a Regionally Pervasive Basin-centered: Gas Accumulation, Green River and Hoback Basins, Wyoming
Ben E. Law and Charles W. Spencer

Chapter 4: Geology of the Lance Pool, Pinedale Field
Thomas Meyer, Stephen R. Kneller, Robert McDermott, and Mark Longman

Chapter 5: Geophysical Interpretation of Pinedale Field
Sally G. Zinke

Chapter 6: Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Lance and: Upper Mesaverde Intervals from Core Data in Pinedale Field, Wyoming
Mark A. Chapin, Andrew Govert, Nicholas W. Brandon, and Gustavo Ugueto

Chapter 7: Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Wagon Wheel Formation from Seismic, Log, and Core Data in Pinedale Field, Wyoming
Mark A. Chapin and Andrew Govert

Chapter 8: Results of Deep Drilling on the Pinedale Anticline
Mark Longman, Denis E. Foley, and Joel Scoville

Chapter 9: Development of Tight Gas Sand Core Analysis Techniques for the: Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
John M. Dacy, Paul R. Martin, and Robert H. Lee

Chapter 10: Petrophysics of the Lance and Upper Mesaverde Reservoirs at Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming, USA
Suzanne G. Cluff, Robert M. Cluff, Daniel G. Hallau, and Ryan J. Sharma

Chapter 11: Petrophysical Interpretation of the Northern Pinedale Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
Keith J. Jagiello

Chapter 12: Natural Fractures on the Pinedale Anticline as Seen in Cores and on Image Logs
Mark Longman, Erika Davis, and Randy J. Koepsell

Chapter 13: Pinedale Anticline and Jonah Fields, Sublette County, Wyoming: A Geologic Discussion and Comparison
Dean P. DuBois

Chapter 14: Integrated Static and Dynamic Modeling of the Pinedale Tight Gas Field, Wyoming
Mark A. Chapin, Jennifer K. Bobich, Gracel P. Diomampo, Heather L. Schiller, Sheena M. Hurd, Nicholas W. Brandon, Gustavo Ugueto, and Carolyn H. Fleming

Chapter 15: Fluid Production Characteristics in Pinedale and Jonah Fields
Philip H. Nelson