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M108: Petroleum Geology and Potential of the Colombian Caribbean Margin

Edited by Claudio Bartolini and Paul Mann

Frontmatter and Introduction

Chapter 1: Record and Constraints of the Eastward Advance of the Caribbean Plate in Northern South America
Joan F. Flinch and Veronica Castillo

Chapter 2: The Ribbon Continent of South America in Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela
Armando Altamira and Kevin Burke

Chapter 3: Basement Architecture of the Southern Caribbean Basin, Guajira Offshore, Colombia
John Londono, Cara Schiek, and Ed Biegert

Chapter 4: New Evidence for Putumayo Crust in the Basement of the Falcon Basin and Guajira Peninsula, Northwestern Venezuela
Marvin Baquero, Sebastian Grande, Franco Urbani, Umberto Cordani, Chris Hall, and Richard Armstrong

Chapter 5: Jurassic Silicic Volcanism and Associated Continental-arc Basin in Northwestern Colombia (Southern Boundary of the Caribbean Plate)
Carlos Zuluaga, Alejandro Pinilla, and Paul Mann

Chapter 6: Location of the Suture Zone Separating the Great Arc of the Caribbean from Continental Crust of Northwestern South America Inferred from Regional Gravity and Magnetic Data
Joan Marie Blanco, Paul Mann, and Luan Nguyen

Chapter 7: Curie Point Depths in Northwestern South America and the Southwestern Caribbean Sea
Carlos A. Vargas, Javier Idarraga-Garcia, and Juan M. Salazar

Chapter 8: Paleogeographic Constraints on Middle- to Late-Jurassic Tectonic Reconstruction of the Maya Block of Southern Mexico and Equivalent Strata of Northwestern South America
Peter Bartok, Maria Carolina Mejia-Hernandez, and Murad Ismael

Chapter 9: Terrane Accretion and Transpression Created New Exploration Frontiers in Northwestern South America
Luis E. Ardila and Leonardo Diaz

Chapter 10: Earthquake, Tomographic, Seismic Reflection, and Gravity Evidence for a Shallowly Dipping Subduction Zone beneath the Caribbean Margin of Northwestern Colombia
Rocio Bernal-Olaya, Paul Mann, and Carlos A. Vargas

Chapter 11: Fractal Dimension and Seismotectonic Deformation Rates along an Inter-plate Setting: Seismic Regime along the Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone
Juan M. Salazar and Carlos A. Vargas

Chapter 12: Along-Strike Crustal Thickness Variations of the Subducting Caribbean Plate Produces Two Distinctive Styles of Thrusting in the Offshore South Caribbean Deformed Belt, Colombia
Rocio Bernal-Olaya, Javier Sanchez, Paul Mann, and Michael Murphy

Chapter 13: Application of Stratigraphic Grade Concepts to Understand Basin-fill Processes and Deposits in an Active Margin Setting, Magdalena Submarine Fan and Associated Fold-and-Thrust Belts, Offshore Colombia
Andrea F. Cadena, Gloria Romero, and Roger Slatt

Chapter 14: Cenozoic Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Lower Magdalena Basin, Colombia: An Example of an Under- to Overfilled Forearc Basin
Rocio Bernal-Olaya, Paul Mann, and Alejandro Escalona

Chapter 15: Petroleum Systems of the Guajira Basin, Northern Colombia
Victor Ramirez, Luz Stella Vargas, Claudia Rubio, Helga Nino, and Oswaldo Mantilla

Chapter 16: Integrated Structural and Basinal Analysis of the Cesar—Rancheria Basin, Colombia: Implications for its Tectonic History and Petroleum Systems
Javier Sanchez and Paul Mann

Chapter 17: Petroleum Potential of Permian Carbonates in Northern South America
Juan Carlos Laya and Maurice E. Tucker

Chapter 18: The Structure of an Inverted Back-arc Rift: Insights from a Transect across the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia near Bogota
Antonio Teixell, Juan-Camilo Ruiz, Eliseo Teson, and Andres Mora

Chapter 19: Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Northern Llanos Foreland Basin of Colombia and Implications for Its Hydrocarbon Potential
Henry Campos and Paul Mann

Chapter 20: What Drives Orogenic Asymmetry in the Northern Andes?: A Case Study from the Apex of the Northern Andean Orocline
Andres Mora, Mauricio Parra, Guillermo Rodriguez Forero, Vladimir Blanco, Nestor Moreno, Victor Caballero, Daniel Stockli, Ian Duddy, and Badr Ghorbal

Chapter 21: Petroleum Source Rock Analysis in the Western Caribbean Region: An Overview
Luis Miguel Bernardo and Claudio Bartolini

Chapter 22: Early and Late Eocene / Oligo—Miocene (!) Petroleum System on the Nicaraguan Rise: Insights from Basin and Three-dimensional Petroleum System Modeling
Luis Carlos Carvajal-Arenas, Lucia Torrado, and Paul Mann

Chapter 23: Oligocene—Miocene Carbonates of the Perla Field, Offshore Venezuela: Depositional Model and Facies Architecture
Luis Pomar, Mateu Esteban, Wenceslao Martinez, Diana Espino, Veronica Castillo de Ott, Laszlo Benkovics, and Teresa Castro Leyva

Chapter 24: Evolution of the Magdalena Deepwater Fan in a Tectonically Active Setting, Offshore Colombia
Gloria A. Romero-Otero, Roger M. Slatt, and Carlos Pirmez

Chapter 25: Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution of the Chichibacoa—Rancherias Basin Offshore Colombia
Wenceslao Martinez, Wilber Hermoza, Diana Espino, Jaclyn Carrington, Jessica Perez, Karen Pate, and Maria Rodrigo

Chapter 26: Deep Water Untested Oil-play in the Magdalena Fan, Caribbean Colombian Basin
Jaime A. Martinez, Jaime Castillo, Andrea Ortiz-Karpf, Lina Rendon, Juan Carlos Mosquera, and Victor Vega

Chapter 27: New Evidences of an Active Strike-slip Fault System in Northern Venezuela, near Offshore Perla Field
Laszlo Benkovics and Albert Asensio