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M113: Giant Fields of the Decade 2000–2010

Edited by Robert K. Merrill and Charles A. Sternbach

Frontmatter and Introduction

Chapter 1: Concepts, Technology, Price, and Access Drive Giant Field Discoveries
Robert K. Merrill and Charles A. Sternbach

Chapter 2: What Is a Giant Field?
S. W. Carmalt and Andrea Moscariello

Chapter 3: Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the 2000s: A New Century Ushers in Deeper Water, Unconventionals, and More Gas
Philip (Pete) Stark and Leta K. Smith

Chapter 4: The Appomattox Field: Norphlet Aeolian Sand Dune Reservoirs in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
Ted Godo

Chapter 5: The Marcellus Shale Play: Its Discovery and Emergence as a Major Global Hydrocarbon Accumulation
William A. Zagorski, Martin Emery, and Jeffrey L. Ventura

Chapter 6: The Giant Continuous Oil Accumulation in the Bakken Petroleum System, U.S. Williston Basin
Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Cosima Theloy, and Hui Jin

Chapter 7: The Eagle Ford Shale Field in the Gulf Coast Basin of South Texas, U.S.A.: A "Perfect" Unconventional Giant Oil Field
Richard K. Stoneburner

Chapter 8: Perla Field: The Largest Discovery Ever in Latin America
Veronica Castillo, Laszlo Benkovics, Carlos Cobos, Daniel Demuro, and Alejandro Franco

Chapter 9: Discovery of a Bolivian Foothills Giant Gas Field: Incahuasi
Jean-Claude Heidmann, Jacques Durand, Philippe Mallard, Jean-Francois Ballard, and Jean-Marc Moron

Chapter 10: Libra: A Newborn Giant in the Brazilian Presalt Province
Marco Antonio Carlotta, Rodrigo Correia Baptista da Silva, Arlinda Akio Yamato, Wagner Luz Trindade, Jobel Lourenço Pinheiro Moreira, Ricardo Augusto Rosa Fernandes, Orlando José Soares Ribeiro, Wenceslau Peres Gouveia Jr., Julien Philippe Carminati, Deng Qicai, Zhao Junfeng, and Augusto Carlos da Silva-Telles Jr.

Chapter 11: Breaking Barriers and Paradigms in Presalt Exploration: The Pāo de Açúcar Discovery (Offshore Brazil)
Pedro Henrique Vieira de Luca, Hugo Matias, José Carballo, Diana Sineva, Gustavo Antunes Pimentel, Jordi Tritlla, Mateu Esteban, Rubén Loma, José Luis Algibez Alonso, Ricardo Perona Jiménez, Matthieu Pontet, Pedro Bonillo Martinez, and Victor Vega

Chapter 12: The Discovery Process behind the Giant Johan Sverdrup Field
Hans Chr Rønnevik, Arild Jørstad, and Jan Erik Lie

Chapter 13: The Tamar Giant Gas Field: Opening the Subsalt Miocene Gas Play in the Levant Basin
Daniel L. Needham, Henry S. Pettingill, Christopher J. Christensen, Jonathan ffrench, and Zvi (Kul) Karcz

Chapter 14: The Jubilee Field, Ghana: Opening the Late Cretaceous Play in the West African Transform Margin
Paul Dailly, Tracey Henderson, Kathy Kanschat, Phil Lowry, and Stephen Sills

Chapter 15: The Windjammer Discovery: Play Opener for Offshore Mozambique and East Africa
Tom Fletcher

Chapter 16: The Jansz-Io Gas Field, Northwest Shelf Australia: A Giant Stratigraphic Trap
C. C. Jenkins, A. Duckett, B. A. Boyett, P. N. Glenton, A. A. Mills, M. C. Schapper, M. A. Williams, and J. G. McPherson