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M114: Petroleum Systems Analysis—Case Studies

Edited by Mahdi A. AbuAli, Isabelle Moretti, and Hege M. Nordgård Bolås

Frontmatter and Introduction

Chapter 1: A Petroleum System and Basin Modeling Study of Northwest and East-Central Saudi Arabia: Effect of Burial History and Adjacent Rock Lithology on the Gas Potential of the Silurian Qusaiba Shales
Sedat Inan, Ahmed M. Hakami, and Mahdi A. AbuAli

Chapter 2: Paleogeography and Paleo-Earth Systems in the Modeling of Marine Paleoproductivity: A Prerequisite for the Prediction of Petroleum Source Rocks
Jim Harris, Alexandra Ashley, Simon Otto, Paul Valdes, Rob Crossley, Ros Preston, John Watson, Mike Goodrich, and the Merlin+ Project Team

Chapter 3: Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Modeling in the Barmer Basin of Western Rajasthan, India: Lessons for Exploration in Rift Basins with Late-Stage Inversion, Uplift and Tilting
Bodapati S. Naidu, Stuart D. Burley, John Dolson, Paul Farrimond, V. R. Sunder, Vachaspati Kothari, and Pinak Mohapatra

Chapter 4: Petroleum Systems Restoration of the Huallaga-Marañon Andean Retroforeland Basin, Peru
Ysabel Calderón, Patrice Baby, Yessica Vela, Christian Hurtado, Adrien Eude, Martin Roddaz, Stéphane Brusset, Gérome Calvès, and Rolando Bolaños

Chapter 5: 2-D Basin Modeling of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin across the Montney-Doig System: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways and Unconventional Resources Potential
Mathieu Ducros, William Sassi, Rolland Vially, Tristan Euzen, and Vincent Combrez

Chapter 6: Kinematic, Thermal, and Petroleum Modeling of the Northern Emirates
Jean-Paul Callot, Mihai Tarapoanca, François Roure, and Jean-Luc Faure

Chapter 7: Pressure and Basin Modeling in Foothill Belts: A Study of the Kutubu Area, Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt
Jean-Paul Callot, William Sassi, François Roure, Kevin Hill, Nigel Wilson, and Renaud Divies

Chapter 8: Fluid Flow Modeling in the Llanos Basin, Colombia
Felipe Gonzalez-Penagos, Isabelle Moretti, and Xavier Guichet

Chapter 9: A Comparative Assessment of Biomarker-Based Thermal Maturity Parameters
Aderoju Titilade and Stephen Bend

Chapter 10: Application of Overburden Amplitude Variations to Constrain Hydrocarbon Column Heights in the Hammerfest Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea
Lidia Georgescu, Christian Hermanrud, Roar Heggland, and Trine Helle Simmenes

Chapter 11: Tracking Migration by Molecular Geotracers in Comparison with Other Geochemical Properties, Summan Exploration Area, Northeast Saudi Arabia
Khaled R. Arouri, Yunlai Yang, Donald H. Williams, Saroj K. Panda, and Adnan Hajji

Chapter 12: Molecular Density Segregation and Subtle Multiple Charging in a Cool Nonbiodegraded, Undersaturated Oil Reservoir
Khaled R. Arouri, Yunlai Yang, Donald H. Williams, Emmanuel C. Uba, and Abid G. Bhullar