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M115: Rift-Related Coarse-Grained Submarine Fan Reservoirs; the Brae Play, South Viking Graben, North Sea

Edited by Colin C. Turner, Bryan T. Cronin

Frontmatter and Foreword

Introductory Chapters

Chapter 1: The Brae Play, South Viking Graben, North Sea: An Introduction
Colin C. Turner, Bryan T. Cronin

Chapter 2: The South Viking Graben: Overview of Upper Jurassic Rift Geometry, Biostratigraphy, and Extent of Brae Play Submarine Fan Systems
Colin C. Turner, Bryan T. Cronin, Leslie A. Riley, Stefano Patruno, William T. L. R. Reid, Silvan Hoth, Dirk Knaust, Simon Allerton, Mark A. Jones, Christopher A.-L. Jackson

Deep-water Facies

Chapter 3: Lithofabric Classification and Distribution of Coarse-Grained Deep-water Clastic Depositional Systems
Bryan T. Cronin

Chapter 4: Thin-Bedded Turbidites: Overview and Petroleum Perspective
Dorrik A. V. Stow, Bayonle A. Omoniyi

Chapter 5: Deep-Water Conglomeratic Megabeds: Analogues for Event Beds of the Brae Formation of the South Viking Graben, North Sea
Guilherme Bozetti, Bryan T. Cronin, Benjamin C. Kneller, Mark A. Jones

U.K. Area and Fields

Chapter 6: The Discovery and Development of the Brae Area Fields, U.K. South Viking Graben
Malcolm Pye

Chapter 7: Mid to Late Jurassic Graben Margin Development and Evolution of Shallow Marine to Submarine Fan Systems in the Brae Area of the South Viking Graben, U.K. North Sea
Colin C. Turner, E. Rodger Connell

Chapter 8: Proximal Submarine Fan Reservoir Architecture and Development in the Upper Jurassic Brae Formation of the Brae Fields, South Viking Graben, U.K. North Sea
Colin C. Turner, Rodrigo E. Bastidas, E. Rodger Connell, Falene E. Petrik

Chapter 9: Characterization of Thin-Bedded Turbidites in the North Brae Field, South Viking Graben, North Sea
Bayonle A. Omoniyi, Dorrik A. V. Stow, Andy R. Gardiner

Chapter 10: Reservoir Geology of the Upper Jurassic Brae Sandstone Member, Kingfisher Field, South Viking Graben, U.K. North Sea
David W. Jones, Pim van Bergen

Chapter 11: A Depositional Model for the T-Block Thelma Field, UKCS Block 16/17
Mark A. Jones, Bryan T. Cronin, Simon Allerton

Chapter 12: Facies Classification and Facies Association of Deep-water Depositional Systems: Application to the Prediction of Slope and Fan Architecture in the Upper Jurassic Thelma Field Area, South Viking Graben, North Sea
Bryan T. Cronin, Mark A. Jones

Norway Area and Fields

Chapter 13: The Gudrun Field: Gravity-Flow Deposition during Rifting and Inversion
Silvan Hoth, Dirk Knaust, Alberto Sánchez-López, Silvia Kassold, Stig Sviland-Østre

Chapter 14: Temporal Throw Rate Variability on Gravity-Driven Normal Faults; Constraints from the Gudrun Fault, South Viking Graben, Offshore Norway
Christopher A.-L. Jackson

Chapter 15: Tectono-Stratigraphic Development of the Upper Jurassic in the Johan Sverdrup Area (Extended Abstract)
Anthony S. J. Scott, Signe Ottesen

Petroleum Systems

Chapter 16: Petroleum Systems of the South Viking Graben
Chris Cornford

Structural Development

Chapter 17: Structural Evolution of the T-Block Brae Fields, South Viking Graben
Simon Allerton, Eugenio Giuliani, Amy Kwiatkowski, Mark Jones, Julian Robinson, Adam Styles

Chapter 18: Gravity-Driven versus Inversion Origins for Upper Jurassic Trapping Structures of the Brae Fields, South Viking Graben, U.K. North Sea
Colin C. Turner, Robert J. Hooper

Analog Outcrops

Chapter 19: The Alikayasi Canyon--Channel System (Miocene, Southeast Turkey) Compared with the South Brae Fan System (Upper Jurassic, North Sea); Characterizing Sand and Gravel-Filled Channel Complexes in Coarse-Grained Deep-water Systems Without Gravel Cone Geometries
Ramon Lopez Jimenez, Bryan T. Cronin, Hasan Çelik, Colin C. Turner, Rodrigo E. Bastidas, Benjamin C. Kneller


Chapter 20: Bibliography of Geological Publications and Ph.D. Theses from the South Viking Graben Area, North Sea; Including Literature on Selected Analogs Initially Used in the Study of Brae Formation Geology
E. Rodger Connell