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M116: Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the Arabian Plate

Edited by H. R. AlAnzi, R. A. Rahmani, R. J. Steel, O. M. Soliman

Frontmatter, Foreword, and Introduction

Chapter 1: High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Prolific Devonian Jauf Formation Gas Reservoir: Transgressive Tidal Estuarine and Regressive Wave-Dominated Shoreface Deposits, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Rahmani, Ron Steel, and AbdulAziz Duaiji

Chapter 2: Tectonically controlled diagenesis and fluid evolution in the Al Khlata reservoir sandstones, Sultanate of Oman
Karl Ramseyer, Katalin Juhász-Bodnár, Carsten Büker, Peter Hoppe, Albert Matter, Jos Terken, Joachim J. Amthor, and Frauke Driehorst

Chapter 3: Chemostratigraphy as a correlation tool for the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Group and Basal Khuff Clastics Member, central Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Soua

Chapter 4: Regional controls on siliciclastic input into Mesozoic depositional systems of the Arabian Plate and their petroleum significance
Roger Davies, Michael Simmons, Thomas Jewell, and Jo Collins

Chapter 5: Depositional environments, age, and sequence stratigraphy of the Late Triassic Minjur Sandstone in outcrop and near subsurface—central Arabia
Benoit Issautier, Yves-Michel Le Nindre, Nigel P. Hooker, Chris Reid, Abdullah Memesh, and Saleh Dini

Chapter 6: Impact of depositional environment, sequence stratigraphy and structure on developing Zubair reservoirs in north Kuwait
Saikh Azim, Boris Kostic, Markus Hoppe, Salah Al-Anezi, Lamya Abou-Qammaz, Mariam Al-Blayees, and Bader Al-Saad

Chapter 7: Early Cretaceous deltaic deposits of the Main Pay Reservoir, Zubair Formation, southeast Iraq: Depositional controls on reservoir performance
Martin Wells, Andrew Bowman, Boris Kostic, Neil Campion, Daniel Finucane, Carlos Santos, David Kitching, and Richard Brown

Chapter 8: Capturing multi-scale heterogeneity in Paralic Reservoir characterization: A study in Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
Kalyanbrata Datta, Muhammad Yaser, Ernest Gomez, Zee Ma, Jean Michel Filak, Anwar Al-Nasheet, and Luis Diaz Teran Ortegon

Chapter 9: Facies architecture, paleoenvironment, and reservoir quality of the mid-Cretaceous Wara Member Northern Offshore Arabian Gulf
Homoud AlAnzi and Hamza Tourqui

Chapter 10: Outcrop analog studies of the Wasia-Biyadh and Aruma Aquifers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Martin Keller, Daniel Bohnsack, Roman Koch, Matthias Hinderer, Jens Hornung, Hussain Al Ajmi, and Bassam Abu Amarah

Chapter 11: Depositional pattern in the lower to middle Miocene Jal Az-Zor Formation from subsurface of north Kuwait
Saifullah Tanoli, Abdelkader Youssef, Abrar Al-Bloushi, and Khalid Ahmad