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M117: Petroleum Basins and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia

Edited by Gonzalo Zamora Valcarce, Ken R. McClay, Victor A. Ramos

Frontmatter and Foreword

Chapter 1: Tectonic Evolution of the Central Andes: From Terrane Accretion to Crustal Delamination
Victor A. Ramos

Chapter 2: Sub-Andean Thick and Thin-Skinned Thrust Systems of Southeastern Peru and Bolivia—A Review
Ken McClay, Andres Mora Bohorquez, Javier Tamara, James Hammerstein, Gonzalo Zamora, Hodei Uzkeda

Chapter 3: Integrated Geophysical Investigations of the Pre-Andean Basins in Peru and Bolivia—A Search for Depocenters Concealed beneath a Foreland Basin
Matthew George Stewart, Stanislaw Mazur, Adriana Mantilla-Pimiento, Wilber Hermoza, Antonio Jose Olaiz

Chapter 4: The Peruvian Sub-Andean Foreland Basin System: Structural Overview, Geochronologic Constraints, and Unexplored Plays
Patrice Baby, Ysabel Calderón, Christian Hurtado, Mélanie Louterbach, Nicolas Espurt, Stéphane Brusset, Martin Roddaz, Stéphanie Brichau, Adrien Eude, Gérome Calves, Alejandro Quispe, Léonardo Ramirez, Asaid Bandach, and Rolando Bolaños

Chapter 5: The Marãnón Basin: Tectonic Evolution and Paleogeography
Gonzalo Zamora, Willy Gil

Chapter 6: Depositional Environments and Geochemistry of the Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Pucará Group, Huallaga Basin, Peru
Robert N. Erlich, Wilber Hermoza, Daniel Jarvie

Chapter 7: Stratigraphy and LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-PB Provenance of middle Permian to Maastrichtian Sandstones from Outcrop and Subsurface Control in the Sub-Andean Basins of Peru
Robert N. Erlich, Jessica Fallon, Paul O’Sullivan

Chapter 8: Structural Styles and Tectonic Evolution of the Santiago Basin, Peru—Implications for Hydrocarbon Traps
J. Witte, M. R. Strecker, M. Raez

Chapter 9: Exhumation of a Proximal Foredeep and Associated Wedge-Top Basin Evidenced by Porosity versus Depth Trends: The Upper Cretaceous Vivian Sandstones in Northwestern Marãnón and Santiago Basins (Peru)
Oscar Lopez-Gamundi, Cecilia Lopez-Gamundi

Chapter 10: Structural Styles of the Camisea Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Southeast Peru
Ken McClay, Nicola Scarselli, Javier Tamara, James Hammerstein, Daniel Torres

Chapter 11: Stratigraphy, Structural Styles, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Ene Basin: An Exploration Opportunity in the Sub-Andean Fold-and-Thrust Belt of Peru
Martín Iribarne, Pierre Callot, Matias C. Ghiglione, Carlos D. Quevedo, Thierry Sempere, Ranald Kelly, Sara Márquez, Edson Castillo, Juan Chung, Federico Seminario

Chapter 12: Reappraisal of the Tectonic Style of the Talara-Tumbes Forearc Basin: Regional Insights for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Stéphane Brusset, Nicolas Espurt, Mayssa Vega, Patrice Baby, Jean-Claude Soula, Martín Roddaz, Gérôme Calvès, Ysabel Calderon

Chapter 13: Seismic Stratigraphy of Cenozoic Deposits in the Salaverry Forearc Basin, Peru: New Insights in Assessing Potential Reservoirs and Plays
Diego Timoteo, Farid Chemale Junior, Edgar Borda

Chapter 14: Stratigraphy, Structure, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Northern Bolivia Sub-Andean Thrust Belt (Beni Basin)
Mélanie Louterbach, Oscar Fernández, Valeria Sisinni, Manuel Gutierrez, Gonzalo Zamora

Chapter 15: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Eastern Madre De Dios Basin, Bolivia
F. Schneider, S. Rousse, J. Faure, A. Lemgruber, G. Gutierrez, J. Pareja, O. Padilla

Chapter 16: Geometry and Kinematics of Structures of the Southern Sub-Andean Fold-Thrust Belt of Bolivia
Facundo Fuentes, Daniel Starck, Emilio Rocha

Chapter 17: Controls on Thrusts Spacing: An Example from the Sub-Andean Fold-and-Thrust Belt of Southern Bolivia
Emilio Rocha, Ernesto Osvaldo Cristallini

Chapter 18: Cenozoic Provenance and Depositional Record of the Sub-Andean Foreland Basin during Growth of the Central Andean Fold-Thrust Belt, Southern Bolivia
Amanda Z. Calle, Brian K. Horton, Rodrigo Limachi, Daniel F. Stockli, Geila V. Uzeda-Orellana, Ryan B. Anderson, and Sean P. Long

Chapter 19: Andean Deformation and Its Control on Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration, and Charge in the Wedge-Top of Southern Bolivia
Martin Pereira, Gustavo Vergani, Ignacio Cambon, Juan Reynaldi, Jorge Iturralde, Ramsis Guerrero, Gloria González

Chapter 20: Fold Growth and Lateral Linkage in the Southern Sub-Andean Fold-and-Thrust Belt of Argentina and Bolivia
Pablo Giampaoli, Emilio Rojas Vera

Chapter 21: Fracture Analog of the Sub-Andean Devonian of Southern Bolivia: Lidar Applied to Abra Del Condor
David Garcia-Sellés, Sergio Sarmiento, Oscar Gratacós, Pablo Granado, Núria Carrera, M. R. Lakshmikantha, Juan Carlos Cordova, Josep Anton Muñoz

Chapter 22: Deformation and Stratigraphic Models of the Bolivian and Argentinean Sub-Andean System: Evolution of Knowledge and Current Trends
Roberto M. Hernández, Juan I. Hernández, Alejandra Dalenz Farjat, Luis A. Álvarez, Ernesto O. Cristallini, Renata N. Tomezzoli, Adolfo Rosales, Jaime Soria Galvarro

Chapter 23: An Integrated Approach to De-Risking Exploration and Appraisal in Structurally Complex Fold-and-Thrust Belts: Application to the Incahuasi Field (Bolivia)
Jean-Francois Ballard, Vincenzo Spina, Francis Clément, Pierre-Emmanuel Lardin, Jean-Marc Moron, Jean-Marc Fleury, Patrick Chaffel