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M121: Integrated Geology of Unconventionals: The Case of the Vaca Muerta Play, Argentina

Edited by
Daniel Minisini, Manuel Fantín, Iván Lanusse Noguera, and Héctor A. Leanza


Chapter 1: The First Economical Unconventional Play Outside North America: Context, History, and “Coopetition”
D. Minisini, B. Fryklund, F. Gerali, and M. Fantín

Chapter 2: An Exceptional Tectonic Setting along the Andean Continental Margin
V. A. Ramos, M. Naipauer, H. A. Leanza, and M. E. Sigismondi

Chapter 3: Stratigraphic Context: Cyclostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, and Seismic Stratigraphy
H. A. Leanza, D. A. Kietzmann, M. P. Iglesia Llanos, and M. Kohan Martínez

Chapter 4: Relevant Marine Paleobiological Markers of the Vaca Muerta Formation
H. A. Leanza, V. V. Vennari, M. B. Aguirre-Urreta, A. Concheyro, M. Lescano, D. Ivanova, D. A. Kietzmann, R. López-Martínez, P. A. Martz, M. A. Paolillo, M. V. Guler, I. Pujana, and M. Paz

Chapter 5: Structural Geology: Tectonic History, Macrostructures, Regional Fault Map, Fault Systems, Second-Order Structures, and Impact of the Inheritance
D. Marchal, R. Manceda, R. F. Domínguez, and F. Sattler

Chapter 6: Basin Configuration during the Vaca Muerta Times
R. F. Domínguez, H. A. Leanza, M. Fantín, D. Marchal, and E. Cristallini

Chapter 7: Sequence Stratigraphy and the Three-Dimensional Distribution of Organic-Rich Units
R. F. Domínguez, O. Catuneanu, H. M. Reijenstein, R. Notta, and H. W. Posamentier

Chapter 8: Sedimentology, Depositional Model, and Implications for Reservoir Quality
D. Minisini, P. Desjardins, G. Otharán, M. Paz, D. Kietzmann, G. Eberli, C. Zavala, T. Simo, J. H. Macquaker, and C. Heine

Chapter 9: Seismic Geomorphology, Depositional Elements, and Clinoform Sedimentary Processes: Impact on Unconventional Reservoir Prediction
H. M. Reijenstein, H. W. Posamentier, A. Bande, F. A. Lozano, R. F. Domínguez, R. Wilson, O. Catuneanu, and S. Galeazzi

Chapter 10: Grain Association, Petrography, and Lithofacies
D. A. Kietzmann, F. González Tomassini, and T. Smith

Chapter 11: Organic Geochemical Patterns of the Vaca Muerta Formation
I. E. Brisson, M. E. Fasola, and H. J. Villar

Chapter 12: Reservoir Properties: Mineralogy, Porosity, and Fluid Types
A. C. Ortiz, L. Crousse, C. Bernhardt, D. Vallejo, and L. Mosse

Chapter 13: Geomechanics: Pressure, Stress Field, and Hydraulic Fractures
R. A. Varela, D. Marchal, S. Cuervo, E. F. Lombardo, Y. S. Perl, D. E. Hryb, P. Pateti, and O. Nielsen

Chapter 14: Natural Fractures: From Core and Outcrop Observations to Subsurface Models
E. Ukar, R. G. López, D. Hryb, J. F. W. Gale, R. Manceda, A. Fall, I. Brisson, E. Hernandez-Bilbao, R. J. Weger, D. A. Marchal, A. Zanella, and P. R. Cobbold

Chapter 15: Full Development Phase of the Loma Campana Block: Black Oil to Gas and Condensate Windows
F. Vittore, D. T. Licitra, L. Monti, I. Lanusse Noguera, C. Hernández, H. Reijenstein, and J. Quiroga

Chapter 16: De-Risking the Sierras Blancas and Cruz de Lorena Blocks, Black-Oil Window
R. Notta, E. Kruijs, V. Jain, G. Diaz-Perez, and H. Mandler

Chapter 17: Pilot Phase of the Aguada Federal Block, Black-Oil Window
O. Nielsen, D. Curia, P. Pateti, J. Caniggia, A. Ortega, and M. Slinde

Chapter 18: Pilot Phase of the Aguada Pichana Este Block, Gas Window
S. J. Estrada, M. F. Raverta, M. de Santa Coloma, J. P. Torres, and S. Galeazzi

Chapter 19: “Factory Mode” Development of Fortín de Piedra Block, Gas Window
P. Biscayart, M. Brolli, J. D’Hiriart, D. García Acebal, A. Giachino, S. Olmos, N. Requena, and R. Varela

Chapter 20: Oil Production from a Sill Complex Within the Vaca Muerta Formation
J. B. Spacapan, R. Ruiz, R. Manceda, A. D’Odorico, E. Rocha, E. Rojas Vera, A. Medialdea, D. Cattaneo, O. Palma, H. A. Leanza, and O. Galland