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M124: The Supergiant Lower Cretaceous Pre-Salt Petroleum Systems of the Santos Basin, Brazil

Edited by
Marcio Rocha Mello, Pinar Oya Yilmaz, and Barry J. Katz


Chapter 1: The Santos Basin Pre-Salt Super Giant Petroleum System: An Incredible Journey from Failure to Success
M. R. Mello, W. Peres, S. P. Rostirolla, O. A. Pedrosa Jr., A. Piquet, S. Becker, and P. O. Yilmaz

Chapter 2: Lacustrine Source Rocks and Oil Systems Present in the Lower Cretaceous Pre-Salt Section of the Santos Basin, Brazil
M. R. Mello, S. P. Rostirolla, V. Elias, M. Ferreira, A. P. Ahualli, S. Becker, J. E. Dahl, and J. M. Moldowan

Chapter 3: Hopane Isotope Ratios and Large-Diamondoid Arrays Distinguish Lacustrine Oil Types and Their Mixtures in Oilfields of the Santos Basin, Brazil
J. M. (Mike) Moldowan, S. M. Barbanti, S. M. Moldowan, J. E. Dahl, and M. R. Mello

Chapter 4: Diamondoid Nanotechnology Reveals Migration Pathways and Mixing in Santos Basin Pre-Salt Oils
J. E. Dahl, J. M. Moldowan, and M. R. Mello

Chapter 5: Pre-Salt Depositional System: Sedimentology, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Quality of the Barra Velha Formation, as a Result of the Santos Basin Tectono-Stratigraphic Development
M. D. de Carvalho and F. L. Fernandes

Chapter 6: Origin and Significance of Thick Carbonate Grainstone Packages in Nonmarine Successions: A Case Study from the Barra Velha Formation, Santos Basin, Brazil
A. J. Barnett, M. Obermaier, J. Amthor, M. Sharafodin, M. Bolton, D. Clarke, and R. Camara

Chapter 7: Challenges for Reservoir Management and Field Development in the Pre-Salt, Santos Basin, Brazil
O. A. Pedrosa Jr., W. Peres, M. R. Mello, S. P. Rostirolla, G. Carmo Jr., and V. Branco

Chapter 8: A Discussion on South Atlantic Pre-Salt Continental Carbonates: A Mosaic of Sedimentary Facies and Processes
A. Virgone, E. Gaucher, P.-A. Teboul, C. Kolodka, and E. Poli

Chapter 9: Tectono-Magmatic Development of the Santos and Campos Basins, Offshore Brazil
G. D. Karner, C. Johnson, J. Shoffner, M. Lawson, M. Sullivan, J. Sitgreaves, J. McHarge, J. Stewart, and P. Figueredo

Chapter 10: Seismic, Magnetic, and Gravity Evidence of Marine Incursions in the Santos Basin During the Early Aptian
L. A. P. Gamboa, A. E. P. P. D. Ferraz, L. H. Drehmer, and L. S. Demercian

Chapter 11: Origin and Petroleum System of the Cabo Frio High Between the Santos and Campos Basins: Reviewed Integration of Structural and Paleogeographic Reconstruction with the Oil and Gas Systems
W. U. Mohriak, A. C. Gordon, and M. R. Mello

Chapter 12: Workflows and Interpretation of Regional 3-D Petroleum Systems Modeling: An Example from the Deep-Water Pre-Salt Realm of the Santos Basin, Brazil
H. A. Kemna, M. R. Mello, W. Peres, S. P. Rostirolla, and D. Palmowski

Chapter 13: The Giant Mero Oil Field: Geological and Petrophysical Settings of One of the Largest Pre-Salt Fields of the Santos Basin, Southern Brazil
E. Petersohn, R. Morelatto, C. M. A. Batista, and J. C. S. Vital

Chapter 14: Búzios Field: Geological Setting of the Largest Pre-Salt Field, Santos Basin, Brazil
P. Tavares dos Santos and A. C. Gordon

Chapter 15: Tupi Field: The Largest Oil Producer in the South Atlantic Realm, Santos Basin, Brazil
M. R. Mello, S. P. Rostirolla, W. Peres, O. A. Pedrosa Jr., M. D. Carvalho, and A. Cardoso Netto

Chapter 16: Unravelling the Pre-Salt Province of Santos and Campos Basins: Exploration Risks of Selected Key Elements of the Petroleum Systems
S. P. Rostirolla, M. R. Mello, W. Peres, O. A. Pedrosa Jr., H. A. Kemna, G. Carmo Jr., and A. Cardoso Netto

Chapter 17: The Use of Radarsat-1 and Sentinel-1 Images for Seepage Slick Detection in Support of Deep-Water Petroleum Exploration in the Santos Basin, Brazil
C. H. Beisl, M. R. Mello, V. Elias, S. Becker, and G. Carmo Jr.

Chapter 18: The Role of Megaregional Seismic Data in Santos Basin Pre-Salt Exploration and Development
J. A. Deckelman, S. Chi, A. K. Hartwig, K. R. Reuber, and J. Fruehn

Chapter 19: The Procedure for Unitization in the Pre-Salt Polygon, Southeast Brazil
H. T. F. Silva, C. M. Kuyven, and R. O Loureiro

Chapter 20: ANP’s Technical E&P Database: The Pathway for the Brazilian Petroleum Industry

I. P. Bastos, R. L. Silveira, F. Kury, C. J. M. de Souza, L. Lobo, and L. Leal