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M125: Giant Fields of the Decade: 2010-2020

Edited by
Charles A. Sternbach, Robert K. Merrill, and John C. Dolson

Frontmatter and Introduction

Chapter 1: Giant Fields and Exploration Trends of the Decade 2010–2019
Andrew Latham

Chapter 2: The Economic Effects of Giant Oil and Gas Discoveries
James Cust, David Mihalyi, and Alexis Rivera-Ballesteros

Chapter 3: Two Decades (2000–2020) and Five Paradigm Shifts Gleaned from AAPG’s Giant Fields Database
John C. Dolson, Zhiyong He, and Brian W. Horn

Chapter 4: Adding New Reserves and Production in Giant Fields
John S. Sneider, Michael Rosen, and Dorothy E. Ballentine

Chapter 5: Field Growth in the Supergiant Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, USA
Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Chapter 6: West Texas (Permian) Super Basin Unconventional Resources: Exploration, Discovery, and Development
Bill Fairhurst

Chapter 7: Geology and Economy to De-risk the Unconventional Vaca Muerta Play, Argentina
Daniel Minisini and Fernando Sanchez Ferrer

Chapter 8: Johan Castberg: The First Giant Oil Discovery in the Barents Sea
Ketil Sollid, Leif Bjørnar Henriksen, Jan Ove Hansen, Olaf Thießen, Alf Ryseth, Simon Knight, and Audun Groth

Chapter 9: The Zafarani and Tangawizi Giant Gas Discoveries: Two Very Different Play Openers Offshore Tanzania
Clemens Pirker and Nadya Badmaeva

Chapter 10: The Greater Tortue/Ahmeyim Field Discovery: Opening the Mauritania-Senegal Deep-Water Gas Basin
Dorie McGuinness, Rhys Schneider, Jim Colliton, Stijn Konings, Jackie Reed, Mark Tomasso, Chemsdine Sow Deina, and Joseph O. Medou

Chapter 11: Pikka Field and the Opening of the Nanushuk Play, North Slope, Alaska
Jesse V. Sommer, Kevin Dorrington, Colby VanDenberg, James R. Bonelli Jr., and José Luis Algibez Alonso

Chapter 12: Mexico—Area 1—Amoca, Miztón, and Tecoalli Oil Discoveries, Sureste Basin, Gulf of Mexico
Tito Andrea Bianco and Emanuele Tozzi

Chapter 13: The Zama Discovery in Salina del Istmo Basin, Offshore Tabasco: “A New Dawn” for Offshore Mexico Exploration
David Kosmitis, John Parker, Michael Albertson, Alex Obvintsev, David Tett, James Pasley, and Matthew Carr

Chapter 14: Zohr Giant Gas Discovery—A Paradigm Shift in Nile Delta and East Mediterranean Exploration
Andrea Cozzi, Luca Assecondi, Luca Bertelli, Stella Brandolese, Antonio Cascone, Francesco Cornaggia, Antonio Giovannelli, Pietro Guarnieri, Paola Ronchi, Roberto Ruspi, Francesco Bertello, Hamad Harby, and Matteo Minervini

Chapter 15: Liza Field, Guyana: The Finding of a Stratigraphic Giant, from Early Exploration to Production
Linda M. Price, Randy A. Perkey, Erik J. Oswald, and Elizabeth A. Elkington