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M14: Geology of Giant Petroleum Fields

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty

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Geology of Giant Petroleum Fields: Introduction
Michel T. Halbouty

Giant Oil Fields of North America
J. D. Moody, J. W. Mooney, J. Spivak

Geology of Middle Devonian Reefs, Rainbow Area, Alberta, Canada
D. L. Barss, A. B. Copland, W. D. Ritchie

Geology of Beaverhill Lake Reefs, Swan Hills Area, Alberta
C. R. Hemphill, R. I. Smith, F. Szabo

Giant Oil and Gas Fields in United States
Michel T. Halbouty

Bell Creek Field, Montana: a Rich Stratigraphic Trap
Alexander A. McGregor, Charles A. Biggs

Regional Stratigraphy of Frontier Formation and Relation to Salt Creek Field, Wyoming
James A. Barlow Jr., John D. Haun

Geology and Development of California's Giant--Wilmington Oil field
M. N. Mayuga

Oil Fields of Pennsylvanian-Permian Horseshoe Atoll, West Texas
E. L. Vest Jr.

Panhandle-Hugoton Field, Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas--the First Fifty Years
Lloyd Pippin

Oklahoma City Field--Anatomy of a Giant
Lloyd E. Gatewood

Petroleum Geology of Healdton Field, Carter County, Oklahoma
Jack W. Latham

Bay Marchand--Timbalier Bay--Caillou Island Salt Complex, Louisiana
M. G. Frey, W. H. Grimes

Geology of Tom O'Connor Field, Refugio County, Texas
Herbert G. Mills

Vicksburg Fault Zone, Texas
T. B. Stanley Jr.

Golden Lane Fields, Veracruz, Mexico
Francisco Viniegra O., Carlos Castillo-Tejero

Giant Fields of Venezuela
Anibal R. Martinez

General Geology and Major Oil Fields of Reconcavo Basin, Brazil
Joao Italo Ghignone, Geraldo De Andrade

Geology of Groningen Gas Field, Netherlands
A. J. Stauble, G. Milius

Lacq Gas Field, France
E. Winnock, Y. Pontalier

Geology and Exploration of Sicily and Adjacent Areas
Joseph Vercellino, Fabrizio Rigo

Oil Fields in Mio-Pliocene Zone of Eastern Carpathians (District of Ploiesti)
D. Paraschiv, Gh. Olteanu

Asmari Oil Fields of Iran
Cedric E. Hull, Happy R. Warman

Amal Field, Libya
J. M. Roberts

Sarir Oil Field, Libya--Desert Surprise
Robert M. Sanford

Cambrian Oil Field of Hassi Messaoud, Algeria
A. Balducchi, G. Pommier

Triassic Gas Field of Hassi er R'Mel, Algeria
Philippe R. Magloire

World's Giant Oil and Gas Fields, Geologic Factors Affecting Their Formation, and Basin Classification: Part I: Giant Oil and Gas Fields
Michel T. Halbouty, A. A. Meyerhoff, Robert E. King, Robert H. Dott, Sr., H. Douglas Klemme, Theodore Shabad

World's Giant Oil and Gas Fields, Geologic Factors Affecting Their Formation, and Basin Classification: Part II: Factors Affecting Formation of Giant Oil and Gas Fields, and Basin Classification
Michel T. Halbouty, Robert E. King, H. Douglas Klemme, Robert H. Dott, Sr., A. A. Meyerhoff