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M16: Stratigraphic Oil and Gas Fields--Classification, Exploration Methods, and Case Histories

Edited by Robert E. King

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Robert E. King

Rationale for Deliberate Pursuit of Stratigraphic, Unconformity, and Paleogeomorphic Traps
Michel T. Halbouty

Geologic Methods for Locating Stratigraphic Traps--Introduction: Geologic Exploration Methods
H. R. Gould

Stratigraphic-Trap Classification: Geologic Exploration Methods
Gordon Rittenhouse

Integrated Approach to Search for Stratigraphic Traps: Geologic Exploration Methods
D. C. Swanson

Unconformity Traps: Geologic Exploration Methods
Philip A. Chenoweth

Primary Stratigraphic Traps in Sandstones: Geologic Exploration Methods
David B. MacKenzie

Exploration Methods for Stratigraphic Traps in Carbonate Rocks: Geologic Exploration Methods
Mahlon M. Ball

Reservoirs in Fractured Rock: Geologic Exploration Methods
David W. Stearns, Melvin Friedman

Use of Well Logs and Dipmeters in Stratigraphic-Trap Exploration: Geologic Exploration Methods
Alfred H. Jageler, David R. Matuszak

Geochemical and Hydrogeologic Methods of Prospecting for Stratigraphic Traps: Geologic Exploration Methods
Parke A. Dickey, John M. Hunt

Methods of Mapping and Illustrating Stratigraphic Traps: Geologic Exploration Methods
Forest B. Rees

Seismic Exploration for Stratigraphic Traps: Geophysical Exploration Methods
Paul L. Lyons, M. B. Dobrin

Use of Gravity, Magnetic, and Electrical Methods in Stratigraphic-Trap Exploration: Geophysical Exploration Methods
L. L. Nettleton

Use of Gravity Meter in Search for Stratigraphic Traps: Geologic Exploration Methods
Craig Ferris

Sergnano Gas Field, Po Basin, Italy--A Typical Stratigraphic Trap: Case Histories
T. Rocco, O. D'Agostino

Bramberge Field, Federal Republic of Germany: Case Histories
A. Roll

San Emidio Nose Oil Field, California: Case Histories
William Bazeley

Sissonville (Elk-Poca) Gas Field, West Virginia: Case Histories
Oscar L. Haught

Hazlit Creek Field, Wilkinson County, Mississippi: Case Histories
Gordon W. Gulmon, Howard E. Hansen

Port Acres and Port Arthur Fields, Jefferson County, Texas: Stratigraphic and Structural Traps in a Middle Tertiary Delta: Case Histories
Michel T. Halbouty, Thomas D. Barber

Case History of Red Wash Field, Uintah County, Utah: Case Histories
John Chatfield

Candeias Field: Typical Stratigraphic Traps: Case Histories
Lauro P. Vieira

Bell Creek Oil Field, Montana: Case Histories
Alexander A. McGregor, Charles A. Biggs

Recluse Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: Case Histories
John Woncik

Boxer Field, Morgan County, Colorado: Case Histories
N. M. Tobison

Southwest Lake Arthur Field, Cameron Parish, Louisiana: Case Histories
Vito A. Gotautas, George E. Gordon, Johnnie Johnson, Clyde Lee

Milbur (Wilcox) Field, Milam and Burleson Counties, Texas: Case Histories
Stewart Chuber

Davis-Gardner Oil Pool, Coleman County, Texas: Case Histories
Howard E. Rothrock

South Glenrock Oil Field, Wyoming: Prediscovery Thinking and Postdiscovery Description: Case Histories
William H. Curry, William H. Curry, III

Grimes Gas Field, Sacramento Valley, California: Case Histories
Frank E. Weagant

Zama--A Geophysical Case History: Case Histories
Hugh Evans

North Knox City Field, Knox County, Texas: Case Histories
J. C. Harwell, W. R. Rector

Boyd-Peters Reef, St. Clair County, Michigan: Case Histories
Craig Ferris

Empire Abo Field, Southeast New Mexico: Case Histories
William J. LeMay

Black Lake Field, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana: Case Histories
B. Ross White

Geology and Discovery of Prudhoe Bay Field, Eastern Arctic Slope, Alaska: Case Histories
Dean L. Morgridge, William B. Smith Jr.

Parkman Field, Williston Basin, Saskatchewan: Case Histories
E. G. Miller

Raven Creek Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: Case Histories
C. E. Tranter, C. W. Kerns

Star-Lacey Field, Blaine and Kingfisher Counties, Oklahoma: Case Histories
Philip C. Withrow

Truncation Traps on Northwest Border of Gifhorn Trough, East Hannover, Germany: Case Histories
H. A. Hedemann, H. Lorenz with a contribution by D. Bobrink

Exploration History of Delhi Field, Northeastern Louisiana: Case Histories
James B. Powell

Boscan Field, Western Venezuela: Case Histories
John A. F. Sutherland

West Campbell (Northeast Cedardale) Gas Field, Major County, Oklahoma: Case Histories
Ralph L. Harvey

Greensburg Consolidated Oil Pool, Green and Taylor Counties, Kentucky: Case Histories
Howard R. Schwalb, Edward N. Wilson

Midland Gas Field, Western Kentucky: Case Histories
Douglas W. Reynolds, James K. Vincent

Oil Fields of Neocomian of Paris Basin, France: Case Histories
B. Heuillon

Comparison of Bisti and Horseshoe Canyon Stratigraphic Traps, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Case Histories
Floyd F. Sabins Jr.

Augila Field, Libya: Depositional Environment and Diagenesis of Sedimentary Reservoir and Description of Igneous Reservoir: Case Histories
J. J. Williams

Newburg-South Westhope Oil Fields, North Dakota: Case Histories
Hussein Marafi

Exploration for Stratigraphic Traps--Present Status and Future Outlook: Summary
Robert E. King