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M2: Backbone of the Americas: Tectonic History from Pole to Pole

Edited by Orlo E. Childs, B. Warren Beebe

Title Page


Place of Tectonic Concepts in Geological Thinking
Orlo E. Childs

Tectonics of Antarctica
Warren Hamilton

The Andes of Western Argentina
A. Herrero-Ducloux

Cordillera of Chile
Robert N. Williams

Bolivia and the Andes
Frank P. Sonnenberg

Role of Subandean Fault System in Tectonics of Eastern Peru and Ecuador
Cornelius K. Ham , Leo J. Herrera Jr.

Backbone of Colombia
Cyril Jacobs , Hans Burgl , Daniel L. Conley

Tectonic History of Venezuela
Ely Mencher

Tectonic History of the South Central-American Orogen
Joel J. Lloyd

Nuclear Central America, Hub of Antillean Transverse Belt
G. L. Vinson, J. H. Brineman

Tectonic History of Mexico
Eduardo J. Guzman, Zoltan de Cserna

Tectonic Framework of Southwestern United States and Possible Continental Rifting
Chas B. Hunt

Structural Evolution of Part of Southeast Arizona
R. W. Jones

Structural Development of Salt Anticlines of Colorado and Utah
Fred W. Cater, D. P. Elston

Development of Geologic Structure in Central Rocky Mountains
D. L. Blackstone Jr.

Gas Occurrence in Piceance Basin, Colorado
Clark Millison

Geology and Occurrence of Oil and Gas, Wamsutter Arch, Wyoming
Howard R. Ritzma

Relationship of Latest Cretaceous and Tertiary Deposition and Deformation to Oil and Gas in Wyoming
J. D. Love, Paul O. McGrew, H. D. Thomas

Relation of Uplifts to Thrusts in Rocky Mountains
A. J. Eardley

Laramide Sediments Along Wind River Thrust, Wyoming
Robert R. Berg

Canadian Rockies--Orientation in Time and Space
E. W. Shaw

Tectonics of Northern Cordillera in Canada
L. J. Martini

Post-Mississippian Unconformity in Western Canada Basin
John Bokman

Structure and Tectonic History of Alaska
George O. Gates, George Gryc

Geology and Hydrocarbons in Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska
Thomas E. Kelly

Tectonic Summary of the Backbone of the Americas
Raymond C. Moore