Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M29: Geological and Geophysical Investigations of Continental Margins

Edited by Joel S. Watkins, Lucien Montadert, Patricia Wood Dickerson

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Subsidence Mechanisms at Passive Continental Margins: Rifted Margins
M. H. P. Bott

Geology of the Offshore Southeast Georgia Embayment, U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin, Based on Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles: Rifted Margins
Richard T. Buffler, Joel S. Watkins, William P. Dillon

Structure and Development of the Southeast Georgia Embayment and Northern Blake Plateau: Preliminary Analysis: Rifted Margins
William P. Dillon, Charles K. Paull, Richard T. Buffler, Jean-Pierre Fail

Erosional and Depositional Structures of the Southwest Iceland Insular Margin: Thirteen Geophysical Profiles: Rifted Margins
Julius Egloff, G. Leonard Johnson

Multichannel Seismic Depth Sections and Interval Velocities over Outer Continental Shelf and Upper Continental Slope between Cape Hatteras and Cape Cod: Rifted Margins
John A. Grow, Robert E. Mattick, John S. Schlee

Basin Structure of the U.S. Atlantic Margin: Rifted Margins
Kim D. Klitgord, John C. Behrendt

Structure of Colorado Basin and Continent-Ocean Crust Boundary off Bahia Blanca, Argentina: Rifted Margins
W. J. Ludwig, J. I. Ewing, C. C. Windisch, A. G. Lonardi, F. F. Rios

Structure of Falkland Plateau and Offshore Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: Rifted Margins
W. J. Ludwig, C. C. Windisch, R. E. Houtz, J. I. Ewing

Variations in Bottom Processes Along the U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin: Rifted Margins
Bonnie A. Mcgregor

The Crustal Structure and Evolution of the Area Underlying the Magnetic Quiet Zone on the Margin South of Australia: Rifted Margins
Manik Talwani, John Mutter, Robert Houtz, Michael Konig

Structure and Stratigraphy of the Blake Escarpment Based on Seismic Reflection Profiles: Rifted Margins
R. E. Sheridan, C. C. Windisch, J. I. Ewing, P. L. Stoffa

Tectonics of the Andaman Sea and Burma: Convergent Margins
J. R. Curray, D. G. Moore, L. A. Lawver, F. J. Emmel, R. W. Raitt, M. Henry, R. Kieckhefer

Extensional Tectonics in the Okinawa Trough: Convergent Margins
Bruce M. Herman, Roger N. Anderson, Marek Truchan

Seismic Refraction and Reflection Studies in the Timor-Aru Trough System and Australian Continental Shelf: Convergent Margins
R. S. Jacobson, G. G. Shor Jr., R. M. Kieckhefer, G. M. Purdy

Structure and Cenozoic Evolution of the Sunda Arc in the Central Sumatra Region: Convergent Margins
D. E. Karig, Suparka S., G. F. Moore, P. E. Hehanussa

Subsidence of the Daito Ridge and Associated Basins, North Philippine Sea: Convergent Margins
Atsuyuki Mizuno, Yoshihisa Okuda, Shozaburo Niagumo, Hideo Kagami, Noriyuki Nasu

The Evolution of Structural Highs Bordering Major Forearc Basins: Convergent Margins
D. R. Seely

Structure of the Outer Convergent Margin Off Kodiak Island, Alaska, from Multichannel Seismic Records: Convergent Margins
Roland Von Huene

Continental Margins of the Eastern Gulf of Alaska and Boundaries of Tectonic Plates: Convergent Margins
Roland Von Huene, George G. Shor Jr., John Wageman

Variety of Margins and Deep Basins in the Mediterranean: Small Basin Margins
B. Biju-Duval, J. Letouzey, L. Montadert

Anatomy of the Mexican Ridges, Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: Small Basin Margins
Richard T. Buffler, F. Jeanne Shaub, Joel S. Watkins, J. Lamar Worzel

Major Structural Elements and Evolution of Northwestern Colombia: Small Basin Margins
Herman Duque-Caro

Geomorphology and Subsurface Geology West of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: Small Basin Margins
Troy L. Holcombe

Tectonic Development of Trench-Arc Complexes on the Northern and Southern Margins of the Venezuela Basin: Small Basin Margins
John W. Ladd, Joel S. Watkins

The Sulu Sea: A Marginal Basin in Southeast Asia: Small Basin Margins
A. Mascle, P. A. Biscarrat

Investigation of Mississippi Fan, Gulf of Mexico: Small Basin Margins
G. T. Moore, H. O. Woodbury, J. L. Worzel, J. S. Watkins, G. W. Starke

The Margins of the Gulf of Mexico: Small Basin Margins
J. Lamar Worzel, C. A. Burk

Petroleum Source Beds on Continental Slopes and Rises: Resources, Comparative Structure, and Eustatic Changes in Sea Level
Wallace G. Dow

Explosion Seismology Studies of Active and Passive Continental Margins: Resources, Comparative Structure, and Eustatic Changes in Sea Level
B. Keller, B. T. R. Lewis, C. Meeder, C. Helsley, R. P. Meyer

The Effect of Eustatic Sea Level Changes on Stratigraphic Sequences at Atlantic Margins: Resources, Comparative Structure, and Eustatic Changes in Sea Level
Walter C. Pitman III

Global Sea Level Change: A View from the Craton: Resources, Comparative Structure, and Eustatic Changes in Sea Level
L. L. Sloss

Global Cycles of Relative Changes of Sea Level from Seismic Stratigraphy: Resources, Comparative Structure, and Eustatic Changes in Sea Level
P. R. Vail, R. M. Mitchum Jr.