Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M35: Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Evaluation

Edited by Gerard Demaison and Roelef J. Murris

Title Page


The Generative Basin Concept
Gerard Demaison

Worldwide Geological Experience as a Systematic Basis for Prospect Appraisal
D. Sluijk, M. H. Nederlof

Petroleum Origin and Accumulation in Basin Evolution--A Quantitative Model
D. H. Welte, M. A. Yukler

Concepts for Estimating Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Dispersion
Richard S. Bishop, Harry M. Gehman Jr., Allen Young

Geological and Geochemical Models in Oil Exploration; Principles and Practical Examples
P. Ungerer, F. Bessis, P. Y. Chenet, B. Durand, E. Nogaret, A. Chiarelli, J.L. Oudin, J.F. Perrin

Geochemical Methods for the Quantitative Evaluation of the Petroleum Potential of Sedimentary Basins
A. E. Kontorovich

New Albany Shale Group (Devonian-Mississippian) Source Rocks and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Illinois Basin
Mary H. Barrows, Robert M. Cluff

Organic Geochemistry, Incipient Metamorphism, and Oil Generation in Black Shale Members of Phosphoria Formation, Western Interior United States
George E. Claypool, Alonza H. Love, Edwin K. Maughan

Petroleum Geology of the Bakken Formation Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana
Fred F. Meissner

Geochemical Exploration in the Powder River Basin
James A. Momper, Jack A. Williams

Reservoir and Source Bed History in the Great Valley, California
D. L. Zieglar, J. H. Spotts

Petroleum Source Rocks, Grand Banks Area
J. H. Swift, J. A. Williams

Paleoenvironment and Petroleum Potential of Middle Cretaceous Black Shales in Atlantic Basins
B. Tissot, G. Demaison, P. Masson, J. R. Delteil, A. Combaz

Source-Rock and Carbonization Study, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
Rudolf Blaser, Christopher White

The Espirito Santo Basin (Brazil) Source Rock Characterization and Petroleum Habitat
G. Estrella, M. Rocha Mello, P. C. Gaglianone, R. L. M. Azevedo, K. Tsubone, E. Rossetti, J. Concha, I. M. R. A. Bruning

Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration from Jurassic Source Rocks in the East Shetland Basin and Viking Graben of the Northern North Sea
J. C. Goff

Source Rocks and Oils of the Central and Northern North Sea
B. S. Cooper, P. C. Barnard

Origin and Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Sahara (Algeria)
B. Tissot, J. Espitalie, G. Deroo, C. Tempere, D. Jonathan

Hydrocarbon Habitat of Tertiary Niger Delta
B. D. Evamy, J. Haremboure, P. Kamerling, W. A. Knaap, F. A. Molloy, P. H. Rowlands

Middle East: Stratigraphic Evolution and Oil Habitat
R. J. Murris

Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Australia
A. J. Kantsler, T. J. C. Prudence, A. C. Cook, M. Zwigulis

Hydrocarbons, Source Rocks, and Maturity Trends in the Northern Perth Basin, Australia
A. J. Kantsler, T. J. C. Prudence, A. C. Cook, M. Zwigulis

Hydrocarbon Generation in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
W. F. H. Pilaar, L. L. Wakefield