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M36: Interregional Unconformities and Hydrocarbon Accumulation

Edited by John S. Schlee

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Comparative Anatomy of Cratonic Unconformities
L. L. Sloss

Relation of Unconformities, Tectonics, and Sea-Level Changes, Cretaceous of Western Interior, U.S.A.
Robert J. Weimer

Outcrop Features and Origin of Basin Margin Unconformities in the Lower Chesapeake Group (Miocene), Atlantic Coastal Plain
Susan M. Kidwell

Significant Unconformities and the Hiatuses Represented by Them in the Paleogene of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Province
Joseph E. Hazel, Lucy E. Edwards, Laurel M. Bybell

Regional Unconformities and Depositional Cycles, Cretaceous of the Arabian Peninsula
P. M. Harris, S. H. Frost, G. A. Seiglie, N. Schneidermann

Relative Sea-Level Changes During the Middle and Late Cretaceous from Zaire to Cameroon (Central West Africa)
George A. Seiglie, Mary B. Baker

Late Oligocene-Pliocene Transgressive-Regressive Cycles of Sedimentation in Northwestern Puerto Rico
George A. Seiglie, Mounir T. Moussa

Oxygen Isotope Record of Ice-Volume History: 100 Million Years of Glacio-Eustatic Sea-Level Fluctuation
R. K. Matthews

Oceanic Ridge Volumes and Sea-Level Change - An Error Analysis
Michelle A. Kominz

Jurassic Unconformities, Chronostratigraphy, and Sea-Level Changes from Seismic Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy
P. R. Vail, J. Hardenbol, R. G. Todd

Cenozoic Regional Erosion of the Abyssal Sea Floor Off South Africa
Brian E. Tucholke, Robert W. Embley

Depositional Sequences and Stratigraphic Gaps on Submerged United States Atlantic Margin
C. Wylie Poag, John S. Schlee