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M39: Seismic Stratigraphy II: An Integrated Approach to Hydrocarbon Exploration

Edited by Orville Roger Berg and Donald G. Woolverton

Title Page


Aspects of Seismic Resolution: Chapter 1
R. E. Sheriff

Vertical Seismic Profiling--A Measurement that Transfers Geology to Geophysics: Chapter 2
B. A. Hardage

The Role of Horizontal Seismic Sections in Stratigraphic Interpretation: Chapter 3
Alistair R. Brown

Use of Seismic-Derived Velocities for Stratigraphic Exploration on Land: Seismic Porosity and Direct Gas Detection: Chapter 4
Norman S. Neidell, J. H. Beard, Ernest E. Cook

Depositional Sequence Mapping as a Technique to Establish Tectonic and Stratigraphic Framework and Evaluate Hydrocarbon Potential on a Passive Continental Margin: Chapter 5
Richard J. Hubbard, Joe Pape, David G. Roberts

Depositional Sequence Mapping to Illustrate the Evolution of a Passive Continental Margin: Chapter 6
Richard J. Hubbard, Joe Pape, David G. Roberts

Seismic Stratigraphic Expression of Submarine Fans: Chapter 7
Robert M. Mitchum Jr.

Seismic Stratigraphy and Facies of the Frigg Fan Complex: Chapter 8
J. E. McGovney, B. J. Radovich

The Recognition and Mapping of a Basal Transgressive Sand from Outcrop, Subsurface, and Seismic Data: Chapter 9
W. O. Abbott

A Late Cretaceous Submarine Canyon in Brazil: Chapter 10
Roy O. Lindseth, Vagner L. Beraldo

A Seismic Stratigraphic Case History in the Eastern Barrow Subbasin, North West Shelf, Australia: Chapter 11
R. B. Kirk

Stratigraphic Velocity Interpretation: National Petroleum Reserve--Alaska: Chapter 12
E. W. Peikert

A Stratigraphic Interpretation of Shear and Compressional Wave Seismic Data for the Pennsylvanian Morrow Formation of Southeastern New Mexico: Chapter 13
M. D. McCormack, M. G. Justice, W. W. Sharp

The Use of Synthetic Sonic Logs Derived From Seismic Data in the Interpretation of Stratigraphic Variation in Cretaceous Carbonates of the North Field Area, Qatar: Chapter 14
Helena S. Aves, Daniel M. Tappmeyer

Seismic Stratigraphy of Carbonate Depositional Sequences, Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous, Neuquen Basin, Argentina: Chapter 15
Robert M. Mitchum Jr., Miguel A. Uliana