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M42: Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data (Seventh Edition)

Alistair R. Brown


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Color, Character and Zero-Phaseness

Chapter 3: Structural Interpretation

Chapter 4: Stratigraphic Interpretation

Chapter 5: Reservoir Identification

Chapter 6: Tuning Phenomena in Reservoirs

Chapter 7: Reservoir Evaluation

Chapter 8: Horizon and Formation Attributes

Spectral Decomposition
contributed by G. A. Partyka, M. D. Bush, P. G. A. Garossino, and P. R. Gutowski

Chapter 9: Inversion and Interpretation of Impedance Data
contributed by R. B. Latimer

Chapter 10: Depth Conversion and Depth Imaging - Introduction

Depth Conversion
contributed by L. R. Denham and D. K. Agarwal

Three-Dimensional Depth Image Interpretation
contributed by W. L. Abriel, J. P. Stefani, R. D. Shank, and D. C. Bartel

Chapter 11: Regional and Reconnaissance Use of 3-D Data

Chapter 12: Visualization and Visual Integration
contributed by D. M. Roberts

Chapter 13: Four-Dimensional Reservoir Monitoring

Chapter 14: Case Histories of 3-D Seismic Surveys

Case History 1: “Field Appraisal with 3-D Seismic Surveys Offshore Trinidad,” by R. M. Galbraith and A. R. Brown

Case History 2: “Three-Dimensional Seismic Monitoring of an Enhanced Oil Recovery Process,” by R. J. Greaves and T. J. Fulp

Case History 3: “Impact of 3-D Seismic on Structural Interpretation at Prospect Cougar,” by C. J. McCarthy and P. W. Bilinski

Case History 4: “Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation of an Upper Permian Gas Field in Northwest Germany,” by H. E. C. Swanenberg and F. X. Fuehrer

Case History 5: “Seismic Data Interpretation for Reservoir Boundaries, Parameters, and Characterization,” by W. L. Abriel and R. M. Wright

Case History 6: “A 3-D Reflection Seismic Survey over the Dollarhide Field, Andrews County, Texas,” by M. T. Reblin, G. G. Chapel, S. L. Roche, and C. Keller

Case History 7: “Shallow 3-D Seismic and a 3-D Borehole Profile at Ekofisk Field,” by J. A. Dangerfield

Case History 8: “Extending Field Life in Offshore Gulf of Mexico Using a 3-D Seismic Survey,” by T. P. Bulling and R. S. Olsen

Case History 9: “Lisburne Porosity — Thickness Determination and Reservoir Management from 3-D Seismic Data,” by S. F. Stanulonis and H. V. Tran

Case History 10: “Value of Geophysics in the Production of Bay Marchand Field,” by W. L. Abriel and W. Haworth

Appendix A: Considerations for Optimum 3-D Survey Design, Acquisition and Processing

Appendix B: Interpretation Exercise

Appendix C: Instructions for Assessing Phase and Polarity

Appendix D: Summary of Recommendations to Help Today’s Interpreter