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M45: The Pannonian Basin: A Study in Basin Evolution

Edited by Leigh H. Royden and Ferenc Horvath

Title Page

B. C. Burchfiel, L. Stegena

Introduction to the Pannonian Region

Early Cenozoic Tectonics and Paleogeography of the Pannonian and Surrounding Regions: Chapter 1
L. H. Royden, T. Baldi

Cenozoic Tectonic History of the Carpathians: Chapter 2
Mircea Sandulescu

Late Cenozoic Tectonics of the Pannonian Basin System: Chapter 3
L. H. Royden

Neotectonic Behavior of the Alpine-Mediterranean Region: Chapter 4
F. Horvath

Neogene Sedimentation in Hungary: Chapter 5
I. Berczi, G. Hamor, A. Jambor, K. Szentgyorgyi

Some Aspects of Neogene Biostratigraphy in the Pannonian Basin: Chapter 6
A. Nagymarosy, P. Muller

Correlation of Central Paratethys, Eastern Paratethys, and Mediterranean Neogene Stages: Chapter 7
Fritz F. Steininger, C. Muller, F. Rogl

A Method for Lithogenetic Subdivision of Pannonian (s. l.) Sedimentary Rocks: Chapter 8
A. Szalay, K. Szentgyorgyi

Contribution of Seismic Reflection Data to Chronostratigraphy of the Pannonian Basin: Chapter 9
F. Horvath, Gy. Pogacsas

Preliminary Sedimentological Investigation of a Neogene Depression in the Great Hungarian Plain: Chapter 10
I. Berczi

Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Framework of Sedimentary Rocks in the Pannonian Basin in Southeastern Hungary: Chapter 11
Robert E. Mattick, R. Lawrence Phillips, J. Rumpler

Lithosphere and Evolution of the Pannonian Basin: Chapter 12
R. Meissner, L. Stegena

Some Representative Seismic Reflection Lines from the Pannonian Basin and Their Structural Interpretation: Chapter 13
J. Rumpler, F. Horvath

Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Profiles from the Vienna Basin, the Danube Basin, and the Transcarpathian Depression in Czechoslovakia: Chapter 14
Cestmir Tomek, Arnost Thon

Seismicity and Neotectonics of the East Alpine-Carpathian and Pannonian Area: Chapter 15
R. Gutdeutsch, K. Aric

A Review of Temperature, Thermal Conductivity, and Heat Flow Data for the Pannonian Basin: Chapter 16
P. Dovenyi, F. Horvath

Variations in Extensional Styles at Depth Across the Pannonian Basin System: Chapter 17
L. H. Royden, P. Dovenyi

Neogene and Quaternary Volcanism of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: Changes in Chemical Composition and Its Relationship to Basin Formation: Chapter 18
T. Poka

Origin of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks of the Carpathian Arc, Hungary: Chapter 19
Vincent J. M. Salters, S. R. Hart, Gy. Panto

Helium Isotopes in Geothermal Waters from Northwest Hungary: Chapter 20
J. Deak, F. Horvath, D. J. Martel, R. K. O'Nions, E. R. Oxburgh, L. Stegena

An Organic Maturation Study of the Hod-I Borehole (Pannonian Basin): Chapter 21
Cs. Sajgo, Z. A. Horvath, J. Lefler

Secondary Heating of Vitrinite: Some Geological Implications: Chapter 22
I. Laczo, A. Jambor

Petroleum Geology of the Pannonian Basin, Hungary: An Overview: Chapter 23
V. Dank

Structure and Development of the Vienna Basin in Austria: Chapter 24
Godfrid Wessely

Maturation and Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Southeastern Pannonian Basin: Chapter 25
A. Szalay

Subsidence, Thermal, and Maturation History of the Great Hungarian Plain: Chapter 26
E. Horvath, R. Dovenyi, A. Szalay, L. H. Royden

Afterword: A General Approach to Basin Analysis
B. C. Burchfiel, L. H. Royden

Explanatory Notes to Maps