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M49: Prediction of Reservoir Quality through Chemical Modeling

Edited by Indu D. Meshri and Peter J. Ortoleva

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Porosity Prediction in Sandstones Using Erosional Unconformities
G. Shanmugam

Facies Controls on Early Diagenesis: Wilcox Group, Texas Gulf Coast
S. A. Stonecipher, J. A. May

An Overview of Chemical Models and Their Relationship to Porosity Prediction in the Subsurface
Indu D. Meshri

A Study of Rock-Water Interaction and Simulation of Diagenesis in the Upper Almond Sandstones of the Red Desert and Washakie Basins, Wyoming
Indu D. Meshri, Jana M. Walker

Bulk Solution Disequilibrium in Aqueous Fluids as Exemplified by Diagenetic Carbonates
Hans-G. Machel

Dissolution and Precipitation Kinetics of Kaolinite: Initial Results at 80°C with Application to Porosity Evolution in a Sandstone
K. L. Nagy, C. I. Steefel, A. E. Blum, A. C. Lasaga

Diagenesis Through Coupled Processes: Modeling Approach, Self-Organization, and Implications for Exploration
W. Chen, A. Ghaith, A. Park, P. Ortoleva

Effects of Fluid and Rock Compositions on Diagenesis: A Modeling Investigation
Craig H. Moore, Peter J. Ortoleva

Interaction of Reaction, Mass Transport, and Rock Deformation During Diagenesis: Mathematical Modeling of Intergranular Pressure Solution, Stylolites, and Differential Compaction/Cementation
Thomas Dewers, Peter J. Ortoleva

Fluid-Rock Interactions in Thermal Recovery of Bitumen, Tucker Lake Pilot, Cold Lake, Alberta
Ian Hutcheon, Hugh J. Abercrombie