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M50: Lacustrine Basin Exploration: Case Studies and Modern Analogs

Edited by Barry J. Katz

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Climate and Lacustrine Petroleum Source Prediction: Chapter 1
Eric J. Barron

Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Lake Distribution and Environments in Afar from Miocene to Present: Chapter 2
F. Gasse

Lacustrine Oil Shale in the Geologic Record: Chapter 3
Michael A. Smith

Controls on Distribution of Lacustrine Source Rocks through Time and Space: Chapter 4
Barry J. Katz

Organic Geochemical and Biological Marker Characterization of Source Rocks and Oils Derived from Lacustrine Environments in the Brazilian Continental Margin: Chapter 5
M. R. Mello, J. R. Maxwell

Paleolimnological Signatures from Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Ratios in Carbonates, from Organic Carbon-Rich Lacustrine Sediments: Chapter 6
M. R. Talbot, K. Kelts

Reflections on a Rift Lake: Chapter 7
Thomas C. Johnson, Patrick Ng'ang'a

Tectono-Stratigraphic Model for Sedimentation in Lake Tanganyika, Africa: Chapter 8
Andrew S. Cohen

Coarse-Clastic Facies and Stratigraphic Sequence Models from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, East Africa: Chapter 9
Christopher A. Scholz, Bruce R. Rosendahl

Northern Lake Tanganyika--An Example of Organic Sedimentation in an Anoxic Rift Lake: Chapter 10
A. Y. Huc, J. Le Fournier, M. Vandenbroucke, G. Bessereau

Cyclical Sedimentation in Lake Turkana, Kenya: Chapter 11
John D. Halfman, Paul J. Hearty

Organic Geochemistry and Sedimentology of Middle Proterozoic Nonesuch Formation--Hydrocarbon Source Rock Assessment of a Lacustrine Rift Deposit: Chapter 12
Scott W. Imbus, Michael H. Engel, R. Douglas Elmore

Tectonic, Climatic, and Biotic Modulation of Lacustrine Ecosystems--Examples from Newark Supergroup of Eastern North America: Chapter 13
Paul E. Olsen

Seismic Facies Analysis of Fluvial-Deltaic Lacustrine Systems--Upper Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Wind River Basin, Wyoming: Chapter 14
Louis M. Liro, Yvonna C. Pardus

Sedimentation in Eocene Lake Uinta (Lower Green River Formation), Northeastern Uinta Basin, Utah: Chapter 15
James W. Castle

A Model for Tectonic Control of Lacustrine Stratigraphic Sequences in Continental Rift Basins: Chapter 16
Joseph J. Lambiase

Carboniferous Lacustrine Shale in East Greenland--Additional Source Rock in Northern North Atlantic?: Chapter 17
Lars Stemmerik, Flemming G. Christiansen, Stefan Piasecki

Lacustrine and Associated Deposits in a Rifted Continental Margin--Lower Cretaceous Lagoa Feia Formation, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil: Chapter 18
Dirceu Abrahao, John Edward Warme

Stratigraphic Development of Proto-South Atlantic Rifting in Cabinda, Angola--A Petroliferous Lake Basin: Chapter 19
Tim R. McHargue

Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Meso-Cenozoic Lacustrine Remnant Petroliferous Depressions and Basins, Southeastern China: Chapter 20
Li Desheng, Luo Ming