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M54: Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1978-1988

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty

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Introduction: Chapter 1
Michel T. Halbouty

The Point Arguello Field: Giant Reserves in a Fractured Reservoir, California: Chapter 2
William E. Mero, Stephen P. Thurston, Robert E. Kropschot

West Chalkley, Cameron Parish, Louisiana: A Case for Continued Exploration in Mature Producing Provinces: Chapter 3
G. E. Klefstad

The Reservoir Geology and Geophysics of the Hibernia Field, Offshore Newfoundland: Chapter 4
T. J. Hurley, R. D. Kreisa, G. G. Taylor, W. R. L. Yates

Geology of Venture, a Geopressured Gas Field, Offshore Nova Scotia: Chapter 5
Kenneth J. Drummond

Mexico's Giant Fields, 1978-1988 Decade: Chapter 6
Jose Santiago, Alfonso Baro

The Tengiz Oil Field in the Pre-Caspian Basin of Kazakhstan (Former USSR)--Supergiant of the 1980s: Chapter 7
Nicolai N. Lisovsky, Georgii N. Gogonenkov, Yuri A. Petzoukha

The Marlim and Albacora Giant Fields, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil: Chapter 8
Aladino Candido, Carlos A. G. Cora

The Linguado, Carapeba, Vermelho, and Marimba Giant Oil Fields, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil: Chapter 9
Paulo Marcio C. Horschutz, Luiz Carlos S. de Freitas, Carlos Varela Stank, Alberto da Silva Barroso, Wagner Maia Cruz

El Furrial Oil Field: A New Giant in an Old Basin: Chapter 10
Rodulfo Prieto, Gustavo Valdes

Ceuta-Tomoporo Field, Venezuela: Chapter 11
Enrique Ramirez, Fernando Marcano

The Giant Cano Limon Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia: Chapter 12
C. N. McCollough, J. A. Carver

Takula Oil Field and the Greater Takula Area, Cabinda, Angola: Chapter 13
C. T. Dale, J. R. Lopes, S. Abilio

Sanaga Sud Field, Offshore Cameroon, West Africa: Chapter 14
Robert J. Pauken

October Field: The Latest Giant under Development in Egypt's Gulf of Suez: Chapter 15
Jeffrey J. Lelek, David B. Shepherd, Denise M. Stone, A. Shawky Abdine

Villeperdue Field: Exploration of a Subtle Trap in the Paris Basin: Chapter 16
Bernard C. Duval

Barbara Field, Adriatic Sea, Offshore Italy: A Giant Gas Field Masked by Seismic Velocity Anomaly--A Subtle Trap: Chapter 17
A. Ianniello, W. Bolelli, L. Di Scala

Geochemistry of Oils in the Northern Viking Graben: Chapter 18
H. M. Chung, W. S. Wingert, G. E. Claypool

The Alba Field: A Middle Eocene Deep Water Channel System in the UK North Sea: Chapter 19
G. A. Mattingly, H. H. Bretthauer

Miller Field: A Subtle Upper Jurassic Submarine Fan Trap in the South Viking Graben, United Kingdom Sector, North Sea: Chapter 20
N. M. McClure, A. A. Brown

Smorbukk Field: A Gas Condensate Fault Trap in the Haltenbanken Province, Offshore Mid-Norway: Chapter 21
S. N. Ehrenberg, H. M. Gjerstad, F. Hadler-Jacobsen

The Jurassic Snohvit Gas Field, Hammerfest Basin, Offshore Northern Norway: Chapter 22
A. Linjordet, R. Grung Olsen

Draugen Oil Field, Haltenbanken Province, Offshore Norway: Chapter 23
Donald M. J. Provan

The Geology of Heidrun: A Giant Oil and Gas Field on the Mid-Norwegian Shelf: Chapter 24
P. K. Whitley

The Snorre Field: A Major Field in the Northern North Sea: Chapter 25
K. Jorde, G. W. Diesen

Oseberg Field: Chapter 26
Jens Hagen, Benedicte Kvalheim

The Gullfaks Field: Chapter 27
Ole Petterson, Arvid Storli, Eva Ljosland, Ole Nygaard, Ian Massie, Henrik Carlsen

Troll Field: Norway's Giant Offshore Gas Field: Chapter 28
L. Bolle

The Suizhong 36-1 Oil Field, Bohai Gulf, Offshore China: Reservoir Delineation by Geophysical Methods: Chapter 29
John B. Gustavson, Xin Shi Gang

Iagifu/Hedinia Field: First Oil from the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt: Chapter 30
R. H. Matzke, J. G. Smith, W. K. Foo

Fortescue Field, Gippsland Basin, Offshore Australia: Flank Potential Realized: Chapter 31
J. H. Hendrich, I. D. Palmer, D. A. Schwebel

Petroleum Geology and Prospects of the Tarim (Talimu) Basin, China: Chapter 32
Hu Boliang

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Chapter 32
Finn Roar Aamodt

The Gorgon Gas Field: Chapter 32
L. J. Clegg, M. J. Sayers, A. M. Tait