Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M55: Foreland Basins and Fold Belts

Edited by Roger W. Macqueen and Dale A. Leckie

Front Matter and Loose Foldouts

Roger W. Macqueen, Dale A. Leckie

Regional Setting, Evolution, and Depositional Cycles of the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 1
Dale A. Leckie, David G. Smith

Siliciclastic Sequence Development in Foreland Basins, with Examples from the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 2
Macomb T. Jervey

Tectonics and Structure of the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 3
Peter R. Fermor, Ian W. Moffat

Relationship of the Stratigraphy of the Western Canada Foreland Basin to Cordilleran Tectonics: Insights from Geodynamic Models: Chapter 4
Glen S. Stockmal, Douglas J. Cant, J. Sebastian Bell

Early Surface and Subsurface Investigations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Chapter 5
J. W. Porter

Conventional Hydrocarbon Reserves of the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 6
J. W. Porter

Western Canada Foreland Basin Oil and Gas Plays: Chapter 7
J. E. Barclay, David G. Smith

Lithology and Diagenesis of Sandstones in the Western Canada Foreland Basin: Chapter 8
Dan Potocki, Ian Hutcheon

Thermal History of the Cordilleran Foreland Basin in Western Canada: A Review: Chapter 9
Kirk G. Osadetz, F. Walter Jones, Jacek A. Majorowicz, David E. Pearson, Laverne D. Stasiuk

Petroleum Systems in the Foreland Basin of Western Canada: Chapter 10
S. Creaney, J. Allan

Petroleum in the Zagros Basin: A Late Tertiary Foreland Basin Overprinted onto the Outer Edge of a Vast Hydrocarbon-Rich Paleozoic-Mesozoic Passive-Margin Shelf: Chapter 11
Z. R. Beydoun, M. W. Hughes Clarke, R. Stoneley

Petroleum Geology of the Eastern Venezuela Foreland Basin: Chapter 12
R. N. Erlich, S. F. Barrett

The North Slope Foreland Basin, Alaska: Chapter 13
Kenneth J. Bird, Cornelius M. Molenaar

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Distribution, Rocky Mountain Foreland: Chapter 14
Robbie Gries, J. C. Dolson, R. G. H. Raynolds

Ouachita Foredeep Basins: Regional Paleogeography and Habitat of Hydrocarbons: Chapter 15
Lawrence D. Meckel Jr., David G. Smith, Leon A. Wells

Summary and Conclusions: Chapter 16
Roger W. Macqueen, Dale A. Leckie